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Apartments for sale in Spain

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Apartments in Spain are a profitable investment and an opportunity to get a stable income on renting them out

Spain is an attractive country for real estate investment. Here, one can buy an affordable apartment, rent it out, and get a stable profit. Buying expensive property gives the right to apply for a Golden Visa.

What is the average price of apartments in Spain?

The cost of Spanish apartments depends on the following factors:

  • Location. Apartments in the capital, major cities, and popular resort areas are worth more than in small towns.
  • Distance from the sea. Houses and homes for sale on the seashore are more expensive than property in a bedroom district.
  • Year of construction. In Spain apartments in buildings constructed more than 20 years ago are considered old and less popular than new-builds.

Prices for small studios start from €30,000. An average cost of a two- or three-bedroom apartment is €70,000-120,000.

Is it possible to buy a Spanish apartment for up to €50,000?

It is better to look for Spanish property objects of up to €50,000 in Murcia, Torrevieja, and Alicante. At this price, one can buy renovated secondary real estate. Inexpensive apartments in Spain are located in 4-5-story buildings. Nearby, there are public transport, shops, children’s and medical institutions.

Is it profitable to buy apartments in Spain to rent out?

Renting apartments, houses and villas in Spain is economically attractive. Rental property prices in coastal cities reach their peak in July and August. During this period, one can earn a significant amount of money, provided that a property is located near the beach.