Terms of Use

1. General Provisions

1.1. Concepts to be used in Terms of Use :

The Realting.сom Platform (Realting, REALTING) is the Internet resource about world property, and it does not represent the interests of certain real estate agencies, developers, agents and other interested parties.

Terms of Use (hereafter — Terms) determine terms and mode of usage of the Realting.com Platform for Visitors as well as their consent to treatment of personal data which is an integral part of these Terms (See more: Privacy Policy).

The platform — Internet web-pages that are merged with the address space of the Realting.com domain. The home page with access to all other Platform web-pages has the following Internet address: https://realting.com/.

The Realting.com Platform Visitor (hereafter — Visitor) is a party who uploades any page of the Realting.com Platform or its subdomain to any of their devices (personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone).

The Realting.com Platform Administration (hereafter — Administration) — the «Realting» limited liability company. Address: the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, 7А Pobediteley avenue, room 58.

Content — texts, design elements, pictures, graphics and other objects being the result of intellectual activities — copyright of the “RealtBy ” limited liability company.

Partners of Realting (hereafter — Partners) — real estate agencies, developers, brokers, agents and other companies which work with Realting and may interest Visitors aimed at buying property.

Buyer’s Agent — a Partner representing the User in property choosing and buying in the alien country.

Seller’s Agent — a Partner representing the property object (objects) to be listed at the Realting Platform.

Request — contact info on the property object left by the Platform Visitor.

1.2. Usage of REALTING is regulated by these Terms and private agreements negotiated with the Partners. The Visitors’ decision to use the Platform means they agree with the conditions stated in the Terms on uploading any of the Platform pages.

1.3. According to the REALTING concept, all ads and objects at the Platform are listed by Partners. In turn, the Realting Platform establishes treaty relationship with every Partner that regulates terms for property listing and advertising in the process of property sale.

2. Acceptance of Terms

You are to agree and confirm that your usage of the Platform and its content is to comply with these Terms, is not to violate the listed conditions or rights of other parties. Moreover, you are to agree on abiding by provisions and resolutions related to the Platform and information listed here, and you bear full responsibility for any violations.

3. The Realting.com Platform Administration

3.1. The Administration routinely manages the Realting and is entitled to change its layout, contents, list of services at any time; to change or add the employed scripts, software, content and other objects used or stored at the Platform.

3.2. The Administration ensures the Platform functioning on a round-the-clock basis. Meanwhile the Administration is not to guarantee absence of breaks for technical faults or preventive assistance.

3.3. The Administration holds required rights to the Content. All materials listed at the Platform are the Administration’s copyright and to be protected under legal acts of international copyright law.

3.4. Please, place the backlink to our Platform in case you publish our Content at other resources.

4. The Realting.com Platform Visitors

4.1. You are entitled to use the Platform for searching and choosing property objects, for looking through analytical materials and any other Content.

4.2. There is an option of registration at REALTING for constant usage of the Platform. During registration you are to fill in your actual email that will be used for further communication.

4.3. In case you notice the property advertisement violating law or these Terms, please, notify to: support@realting.com.

5. Property Object Request

5.1. In case of interest in any property object at the website you are entitled to leave a Request for a real estate agency — seller of the property object. The contacts specified in the Request must be real and belong to you.

5.2. After you have left an application, you will receive a notification about this. Further, contacts are transferred to the Partner, after which all your communication takes place with him (the Partner).

5.3. If your interests are represented by an agency (Buyer's Broker), with the help of your real estate agency, you can control the purchase process of the selected property. The buying process includes: assistance in preparing the documents necessary for the purchase, organizing viewing, studying the documents of the real estate object and the conditions of purchase, obtaining information on the amount of commission when buying a real estate object, obtaining additional information on the amount of payments for the maintenance of real estate, tax burden, obtaining citizenship or a type residence permit, etc.

5.4. If you want to control the purchase process yourself and work with the Seller's Broker directly without the participation of a Partner from your region, you should be ready to collect the documents necessary for the purchase, agree on the viewing time, study the documents of the property and purchase conditions, find out information about the amount of the commission , request additional information on the amount of payments for the maintenance of real estate, tax burden, obtaining citizenship or residence permit, etc.

5.5. If you encounter difficulties in implementing your plans to purchase a property displayed on the platform, then immediately report this to the Administration at the following address: info@realting.com.

6. Placement of property by an individual

6.1. The REALTING platform only posts ads from Affiliates. This is necessary to ensure the quality of information on the platform. In order to start cooperation with the REALTING platform as a legal entity, or in order to add your object to the platform, you must agree to the terms of the public contract.

6.2. If you, as an individual, want to place your object on the Platform, then for this you can choose a Partner who will represent your object on REALTING. All Partners are presented on the next page: https://realting.com/ru/info/sellers-private.

6.3. The contacts specified in the Application must be real and belong to you. After you have left the application, you will receive a notification about this. Further, contacts are transferred to the Partner, after which all your communication takes place with him (the Partner).

6.4. All relations between you and the agency that represents you (Buyer's Broker) are governed by the relevant agreements and laws of the country in which they (agreements) were concluded.

7. Personal data processing

7.1. In the process of using, the Realting.com platform collects Visitor data for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy.

7.2. In cases where your consent is required, the Realting.com platform will use your personal data only after receiving the appropriate permission.

7.3. Realting will not contact you and transfer your data to our commercial partners if it does not obtain consent to these actions.

7.4. In the event that you left an application for an object for one of the Partners, the Realting.com platform guarantees that the data of your application will not be transferred to persons not participating in the transaction. More about the methods and purposes of data processing: Privacy Policy.

8. Responsibility

8.1. The Realting.com platform is not responsible for the information provided in the ads. All information about real estate objects, including description, location, photos, cost is provided by the Partners, and in case of disagreement, all claims are sent directly to them.

8.2. The Realting.com platform cannot guarantee the results of the Partners' work on your application for the purchase of a property. Your relationship with the Partners will be governed by the concluded agreement for the provision of services for the purchase of real estate.

8.3. The Realting.com platform is not responsible for possible failures and interruptions in work and the loss of information caused by them.

9. Amendments in the Terms of Use

Certain amendments might be introduced into the Terms. All key amendments are to be promptly announced via email. The latest variant of the Terms of Use is always available at: https://realting.com/info/terms-of-use.

Date of latest amendments: 19.06.2020