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REALTING.COM — international real estate platform that could help increase number of sales by partnerships all over the world

Around $2 Billion in affiliate commissions is lost every year by brokers and agencies worldwide because they don`t work effectively with the international real estate market.

“REALTING is the platform which helps find partners worldwide and recieve an affiliate commissions”


Benefits of working with us
Clear conditions of cooperation
You don't pay for listing, leads and calls
Quick technical support
Advertising your properties all over the world
The potential of International real estate market:
$240 billion is the overall estimated value for all residential real estate transactions in the foreign market
Every month, over 250 million people look to purchase a property abroad
80% of all cross-country transactions get obstructed. The main causes include the unreliable agencies they try to work with and language barriers
$2 billon each year is lost by many brokers and real estate agencies when working in the foreign market ineffectively
Local representatives of in the world:
If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them all
Yusuf<br> Makka
International Business Development Manager
Konstantin<br> Dvorak
International Business Development Manager
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