Immigration programs abroad

Popular programs

VIP Residence permit
Portugal Portugal
Terms of receipt: 12 months
Costs: € 280,000
Permanent residence
United States United States
Terms of receipt: 18 months
Costs: € 117,552
Permanent residence
Canada Canada
Terms of receipt: 16 months
Costs: € 244,900
Second citizenship
Poland Poland
Terms of receipt: 8 months
Costs: € 2,000
Second citizenship
Turkey Turkey
Terms of receipt: 6 months
Costs: € 391,840
Residence permit
Poland Poland
Terms of receipt: 5 months
Costs: € 2,500
What is an immigration program?
What is an immigration program?

Immigration is the entry of the population of one country or state into another for temporary or permanent residence, considered in relation to the country of entry.

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