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Houses for sale in Spain at the best price 

Spain is one of the most comfortable European countries not only for vacation but also for permanent residence. It has a mild climate, a well-developed economy, and a large number of ecologically clean beaches. Local property can suit any taste and budget. 

What are the average prices of coastal houses in Spain? 

The price of properties on the Spanish seashore depends on the type, condition and location of housing. On average, a well-equipped house with a nice outdoor space and a private pool costs about €300,000-400,000. A luxury beach villa in Spain will be worth at least €3 million. 

Is it possible to buy a Spanish house by the sea for up to €100,000? 

Affordable homes on the Spanish coast sum up to €60,000. Of course, a high-end villa will cost more, but with €100,000 it is possible to find a one- or two-room bungalow or townhouse. Choosing a reasonably priced house by the sea in Spain, it is recommended to consider the localities of Almería, Orihuela Costa, and Torrevieja. 

Is it profitable to buy a sea house in Spain to rent it out? 

A coastal house in Spain is always a profitable investment. A rented out property makes up to 5% of its value annually. The real estate prices are growing every year. Even in 5-10 years Spanish property for sale will bring significant profit. 

Buying a house or an apartment in Spain by the sea, a foreigner can get a residence permit under a simplified program.