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Floating Home

The floating home is a residential structure intended for use over water. These structures are commonly seen in the form of houseboats. Some floating homes are geared with a motor engine and can move around the water. But still, unlike yachts and other types of boats, these floating homes are designed for only calm locations such as lakes, ponds, canals, and reservoirs. Many floating homes, however, do not come with motor engines and are simply moored to the shore. These types of floating homes can still be moved, but usually as a way to moore onto other reservoirs. 

Floating homes gained their popularity around Europe in the late 20th century. The main reason being that higher land taxes forced people into alternative living conditions. 

The floating home had spread around many countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, and Great Britain. Some European cities today maintain large areas filled with floating houses. The floating home is also quite common in many US states, however, the more popular mobile home remains the preferred alternative for a holiday by the lake. 

The state of California is a good example of floating homes used by famous artists, actors and politicians. The US government exempts floating home owners from a number of taxes; in contrast to European countries, where the act of owning such a  “ship” is viewed as an expensive luxury, accessible only to the elite. 

At the moment, floating houses are mostly used for recreational and entertainment purposes. European countries and the US actively rent these houses out to people during the holidays, vacations or for hosting parties and special events. 

Modern floating houses are built with their own water supply, sewage, heating system and everything necessary to maintain proper living conditions. A typical floating home consists of a kitchen, living room, several bedrooms and an extensive roof terrace.

In recent years, floating homes have begun to appear around Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, usually built as individual projects. 

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