Real Estate Encyclopedia, terms -Apartments


A self-contained private residence within a building. An apartment can be a one, two, or three bedroom housing unit (sometimes more). The cost per square meter is usually less expensive in apartments than in ordinary houses. 

In the earlier days, apartments were popular rentals, especially because of their own kitchen area in comparison to hotel rooms. All apartments must include a kitchen, living room, bathroom and several bedrooms. Cities today are practically made up of apartment buildings. Usually either rented out for a couple of weeks, months or purchased as private property. 

Apartment complexes began to appear in Russia several years ago, especially in Moscow. According to Russian legislation, apartments in Russia cannot be considered as “living quarters”, meaning that each residence is independent of one another with no common/shared living areas. Because of this, apartment complexes differ in infrastructure from buildings that house living quarters. In addition to this, all residents of apartment complexes must be registered in medical and educational institutions.

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