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Real Estate Agent

A person who, by occupation, helps people carry out real estate transactions. Real estate agents provide the service of searching, selecting, renting out and selling of residential or non-residential properties. They manage the entire process of selling properties, from advertising to communicating with potential buyers to processing the transaction. Real estate agents take commissions from the sale. They must be licensed professionals or hold a relevant certificate.  

In our country, real estate agents must be licensed practitioners certified by the Ministry of Justice. In order to get certified, real estate agents must have a relevant education in law, construction, or economics, and work experience. Before getting the license, they must pass an exam. All real estate agencies, depending on the number of employees, must have at least 1 or more certified real estate agents.

In general, a real estate agent is a professional intermediary between buyers and sellers of real estate. They must have an understanding of the legislative side of real estate, and be able to build communication with people. 

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