The first penthouses appeared in the US in the 1920s. In those days, it was a fashionable trend to build luxury mansions on the roofs of skyscrapers. Due to the high cost, these days only very wealthy people can purchase this type of housing.

Key features of this kind of property

The term ’penthouse’ refers to a mansion located on the roof of a skyscraper. It is essentially a separate house, but on the top level of a high-rise. These days, many people mistakenly define a penthouse as any large flat occupying the top level. However, this is fundamentally wrong.

This type of property has clear characteristics. Among them:

  • panoramic glazing;
  • picturesque views of the city;
  • spacious living space;
  • high ceilings.

Luxury housing usually occupies the entire upper floor area. This eliminates the presence of neighbours on the ground floor. Classic penthouses also have an individual lift. The building in which this type of housing is located is categorised as elite. It is important to understand that there are not many penthouses in the true sense of the word.

Interesting facts

According to real estate experts, penthouses are the fastest-selling in all countries. Buyers show interest even in times of economic crisis and market collapse. The high demand is due to the fact that this type of housing is a one-off product.

The penthouse is partly similar to a townhouse in layout and location. A townhouse is a large house with two or three floors located in an urban area. In essence, a townhouse is a semi-apartment, as it has its own entrance and an adjoining load-bearing wall next to the neighbours.

Benefits of penthouses

This type of property has a number of obvious advantages:

  • No upstairs neighbours. This eliminates noise and provides privacy.
  • Panoramic glazing. The flat receives a lot of daylight, which makes it more comfortable and bright.
  • Direct access to the roof (terrace). Owners can enjoy the fresh air more often without going out of town.
  • Convenient location. Penthouses are often located in houses built in central parts of cities, which is especially important for business and mobile people.
  • Spacious living space and open floor plans. It opens up unlimited possibilities for design fantasies when renovating.

Disadvantages of penthouses

The disadvantages of this type of housing include:

  • Unbelievable costs. These properties are often priced higher than large detached houses.
  • Too much sunlight. It can cause furniture, appliances and wallpaper to burn out and create an extremely stuffy atmosphere, requiring expensive air conditioning.
  • High maintenance costs, both financial and time. Due to the large living space, it is difficult to maintain a penthouse on your own, and hiring professional help will require a significant financial input.

Renovation is also expensive. It is illogical to use cheap finishing materials in such a luxury dwelling. A penthouse must be renovated to an appropriate standard.