Golden Visa

«The Golden Visa» is a document that allows an investment program participant to obtain a permanent residence permit. In other words, a «golden visa» is a residence permit or a permanent residence permit that can be obtained by participating in a government investment program on favorable terms.

The terms of receiving the document

To become a holder of a «golden visa» a person must invest a certain amount in the state’s economy. In return, the authorities of this country give the investor a permanent residence permit under a simplified procedure and in a short time.

There are 2 ways to get a permanent residence permit:

  • In some countries, at first you are granted a residence permit. Then, if you do not violate the conditions of the program in 5 years (you can not withdraw your investment from the economy), you are granted residence permit status in the 6th year.
  • Certain countries provide you with a permanent residence permit immediately, avoiding an intermediate residence permit.

How to get a Golden Visa

Several investment options are available today:

  • Investing in real estate. You buy one or more properties for a certain amount of money. The properties can be residential or commercial. You must keep this investment in the country for 5 years. If necessary, you can sell the property, but you must immediately buy another property of equal value in return.
  • Buying securities. In this case, the investor puts his money in the purchase of government bonds. They can also be sold only after 5 years. Due to the fact that bonds are highly profitable, the investor will be able to cover most of the administrative fees reselling them.
  • Tax payment. Some countries suggest investing in a lump sum tax. A fixed amount must be paid every year. To get a bank deposit account «golden visa» in some states, you can make a deposit in a bank.
  • Starting a business. An investor can create and run his own business on the territory of the country, making certain investments. It is important that the business project must be profitable for the country.

In some states a «golden visa» is granted for investing in scientific research or in projects dedicated to restoration and preservation of cultural heritage of national importance.