Real Estate Encyclopedia, terms -Real estate agency

Real estate agency

A company providing the service of finding, renting and selling properties. The real estate agency is commission-based and  provides both partial service (for example, finding property) and full service (sale, property transfer and exchange).  In addition, real estate agency experts can conduct legal support of the transaction, engage in the legalization of redevelopment, give advice on loans, advertise, and prepare documents for all types of real estate transactions.

The real estate agency consists of the founder, director, department heads (urban, suburban and rental real estate) and a large number of agents and realtors.

There are about 120 real estate agencies in the Belarusian market. Most companies are found in large cities: the capital and regional centers. Well-known real estate agencies can employ up to 100 employees, standard agencies between 30 and 50 people, small ones about 10 to 15 people. 

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