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Immigration is the term that came from the Latin language (Immigro — «to settle/enter», the prefix «im-» being translated as «in»). Thus, the word translates as an entry of one country’s citizen into another country for temporary or permanent residence. For example, a person who has moved to America from Mexico or Poland is an immigrant in the USA.

There are many reasons for immigration, but they all come to one thing: people’s search for a better life for themselves and their families. The motives for moving to another country vary depending on the immigrant’s country of origin, gender, age, cultural context, values, and mentality:

  • Some people are fleeing wars, political upheavals, racial/ religious/other persecution.
  • Some people are seeking to get higher education of better quality, to find a job of some kind.

The most popular types of immigration are work and business.

  • Labour immigration. It’s a very popular type, which is also called independent or professional. This term means that foreigners enter a country for further employment.
  • Business immigration. It is an entry into another country for starting a business there. Many countries develop all kinds of investment programmes to stimulate the interest of foreign investors and business immigrants. For example, it may be an economic citizenship, tax privileges, state assistance in starting and running a business. For wealthy people business immigration is often a practical way to diversify their assets and at the same time to obtain a permanent or temporary residence permit in another country.

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