Real Estate Encyclopedia, terms -Split-Level House

Split-Level House

A residential building divided into two, three or four distinct areas of living. Each apartment in the split-level house includes its own entrance, garage (or parking space), and a small plot of land. Noise-insulated walls divide the apartments, ensuring comfortable living conditions between residents. 

The split-level house is a newly trending topic. The first split-level home appeared in the suburbs of Moscow and Saint Petersburg as an alternative to townhouses. The split-level housing costs are considered to be a bit more affordable on account of the shared housing expenses amongst residents. 

Unlike townhouses, residents of the split-level home have more space to fulfill their country fantasies. Fewer neighbors in the area allow for greater freedom of space. 

Price-wise, split-level houses are a bit more expensive than townhouses, but more cost-effective than modern cottages. The construction of split-level houses, as well as duplexes, allows developers to offer their customers a wider range of options similar to country houses.

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