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Are houses in Turkey a profitable investment

Purchase of local villas, cottages and mansions really is a profitable investment. Those who buy them get an opportunity to rent out the purchased property at a high rate. Such an approach pays off the investment in 5-7 years. A good revenue can also be generated from the subsequent resale of housing — it goes without saying that the house prices in Turkey are growing by an average of 10% annually.

Houses for sale in Turkey — where to buy

The most popular regions for buying a villa or a cottage are traditionally considered to be the suburbs of major cities, such as Istanbul, Alanya and Antalya. These places have a well-developed infrastructure and resort areas within a walking distance. Mediterranean climate is another advantage of these cities.

The north of Turkey offers an array of options for those who prefer wet and cool weather. Cheap houses for sale in Turkey can be found in Trabzon, Amasra and Aban. There, local real estate is 1.5-2 times cheaper than housing in southern resorts.

How much do houses in Turkey cost on REALTING platform

Our platform offers an extensive choice of Turkish villas, cottages and townhouses. Their prices vary depending on the location, technical condition and land plots. The cheapest houses in Turkey are being sold in Alanya, where the price of a square metre is 1000 euros. Hatay and Kayseri have the same prices.

How to buy a house in Turkey

Foreign buyers can buy local housing in one of the following ways:

  • they can contact a realtor;
  • they can buy a house which was advertised;
  • they can find a property at auctions which arrange the sale of mortgaged villas and cottages.

The first option has proved to be the most reliable one. A realtor helps to buy a house in Turkey quickly, delivering inexperienced buyers from scam baiting. The specialist will also undertake the obligation to prepare the documents necessary for the purchase and sale agreement.

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