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Frequently asked Questions - Spain
Can foreigners get a loan from Spanish banks when buying a property? Is it necessary to have a guarantor?

Spanish banks offer mortgages to foreign citizens on favourable terms: with a low interest rate and the possibility of obtaining a loan for the period convenient for the client. You do not need to have a guarantor, but the applicant has to confirm a sufficient level of income. 

Who should I contact for closing a real estate transaction?

Foreign citizens are recommended to contact real estate companies. Usually, the majority of real estate agencies have their own lawyers and translators. 

What types of housing are popular in Spain?

Most Spaniards and foreigners prefer to live in apartments, houses, townhouses and bungalows. Recently, farmhouses and houses located in historically significant places have also become quite widespread. 

Are there any advantages to buying a new-build property?

In Spain, it is common to buy property in new buildings. The money that the buyer transfers to the real estate developer’s account is transferred directly to the bank. This is a guarantee that the developer will not make off with the client’s money and all expenses will be registered. 

What is the procedure for closing a real estate purchase agreement?

The procedure of property purchase is the following:

  • receiving the identification number of a foreigner;
  • the opening of a bank account in Spain;
  • obtaining information about the status of the property (the presence of bills and debts);
  • the signing of the reservation agreement and prepayment;
  • closing a real estate purchase agreement.
What taxes and duties do I need to pay before entering into a real estate purchase agreement? What taxes do I need to pay on a regular basis after the object has become the property of the buyer?

Immediately after buying a property, you need to pay a certain amount to the Royal Treasury (which depends on the region). Then you need to pay the property ownership tax every year, and also make payments for utilities and insurance. Apartment owners also need to pay for the services of the management company (waste removal services, elevator maintenance, etc.). 

Can I rent out purchased properties? How profitable is it?

Foreign citizens can rent out their property. The income from renting out is 5% to 10% of the cost of the object per year. 

Can I get a residence permit, permanent residence or citizenship in exchange for buying real estate?

In Spain, you can get a residence permit in return for the purchase of real estate only if the purchase price was no less than 500,000 euros.

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