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Frequently asked Questions - Turkey
Are there any restrictions in the country for a foreigner buying real estate?

There are no restrictions on buying accommodation. However, if somebody wants to purchase land for the construction or cultivation of crops, they must be Turkish citizens. Foreigners are not prohibited from buying other real estate types.

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Purchase of what kind of property will allow getting a residence permit?

The purchase of any residential property, regardless of its value, provides for obtaining a residence permit.

What is the process of obtaining a residence permit? How long does it take?

A residence permit is issued within two-three weeks. To obtain it, one needs to:

  • get a tax number;
  • collect all necessary documents translated into Turkish;
  • to take out insurance;
  • open a local bank account.

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How long is a residence permit valid?

The residence permit is valid for 1-2 years. 

Is a foreign citizen entitled to work in Turkey if he has a residence permit?

A residence permit only gives the right to live in the country. It is not allowed to work in Turkey with this document.

Purchase of what kind of property allows getting citizenship?

If an applicant applies for citizenship, they have to buy an object with a cadastral value of at least $250,000. Before 2018, this amount was $1,000,000.

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How long does the process of obtaining citizenship take?

Citizenship takes from four to six months.

Is it obligatory to know Turkish?

There is no need to know Turkish for the documents.

Is it possible for a foreigner to get loans to buy properties?

Turkey has a concessionary program for mortgage loans. It allows foreigners to purchase property in the country on very favorable terms.

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Are there any property taxes in Turkey?

The property owner has to pay the real estate tax annually. It is only 0.3% of the object’s price. Also in Turkey, there is a monthly fee for the maintenance of a residential complex called aidat. Its size depends on the infrastructure.

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Does the owner of the property need to pay utility bills if no one lives in the apartment?

Utilities include water supply and electricity. If there is no one living in an apartment, it is not needed to pay for utilities.

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What is the best way to buy housing on the primary market?

In Turkey, there are three stages of indexing of real estate purchases in the primary market. An apartment that is still under construction costs 20% cheaper than it will in the future when the building will be handed over.

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