Shop 63 m² in İzmir Province, Turkey

Turkey, İzmir Province
Updated at: 07.09.2022


Country: Turkey
State: Izmir
City: İzmir Province

Property Parametres

Total area: 63 m²


Enjoy the privilege of the Folkart Towers Residence with your family and loved ones. Life is worth enjoying. Folkart Towers is the city's most innovative project, built by Folkart Yapı in Bayraklı, the new business and residential area of İzmir. The Folkart Towers Residence concept offers spacious living areas with a balcony, a gross ceiling height of 3.8 m and a unique landscape between the 8. and 17th. Century of the twin towers chosen as Europe & rsquo; s 5. Highest project with a height of 200 meters on a land of 27,000 m2. You can choose the best house for you with 3 different types of floor plans as well as 5 different types of houses, including 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 Options from 80 m2 to 220 m2. In addition to its services, Folkart Towers also offers comfort and service to make life easier, including a bazaar with 32 shops, world famous & ltquo; Carrera & rdquo; Sports complex, Folkart Gallery, 24-hour security, health and rescue service, 24-hour cleaning service, 24. Folkart Towers Business Center The concept of the Folkart Towers Business Center offers spacious work areas with a gross upper limit of 3.8 m and a unique landscape between 18th and 40th. Flower of the twin towers chosen as Europe & rsquo. s fifth highest project with its height of 200. Areas have been created in the offices that are suitable for any type of use by taking into account all types of requirements, including clean air, air conditioning, the fire and safety measures and even the standards that were asked for doctor & rsquo. s offices. Folkart Towers offers the work areas required for your business life with 5 various floor plans from 60 m2 to 1170 m2. If you have to break away from your business life and take a fresh breath, the bazaar with 32 shops, the world famous & ltquo; Carrera & rdquo; Sports complex and folkart gallery keep you in social life. Services such as 24-hour cleaning, safety, health care, valet parking and chemical cleaning can save you more time for your company. The Folkart bazaar of the Folkart towers is designed as a social center of life in which visitors can easily meet their daily needs. It offers facilities where office workers, residents and local families can enjoy their time and where the İzmir readings can easily meet their daily needs.


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Turkey, İzmir Province
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