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How to buy a villa in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most favourable places when it comes to purchasing real estate. The country is renowned for its mild climate, natural marvels and an array of historical sites. Moreover, Turkish real estate is famous for its unique style, which combines both luxury and refined tastes represented in every little detail. This style is a characteristic of Turkish villas. There are plenty of private villas for sale in Turkey, most of which are pure architectural gems.

They are the reason why not only the Turks themselves but also foreign nationals strive to buy villas in Turkey. Almost all cities are suitable for buying a property, be it a large Istanbul or Ankara, or a small, though picturesque Bursa and Belek. Every region of the country offers high-quality real estate located in beautiful residential areas.

What is the price of villas in Turkey

The most expensive properties are located in the suburbs of major cities: Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara. Here, you can buy a villa at a price of 1500-2000 euros per square meter. Thus, a house with an area of 100 sq m costs around 150,000-200,000 euros.

It is much cheaper to buy a villa in one of the following cities:

  • Alanya — 1000 euros per sq m on average;
  • Bodrum — 900 euros;
  • Belek — 800 euros;
  • Yaylalı — 700 euros.

In each of these cities, the cost of housing may be higher if a villa is located near the sea. High prices are also typical of houses with a swimming pool and a large plot of land. Buyers might have a discount only if the property doesn’t have any repairs, but such options are extremely rare.

Are villas in Turkey a profitable investment

By purchasing Turkish real estate, foreign buyers get the opportunity not only to live in it but also to rent it out generating great profit. This type of passive income brings a good revenue, allowing you to recoup the investment in 5-7 years at the expense of rental contributions. In addition, it is quite profitable to buy villas in Turkey since local real estate constantly increases in its price. In popular regions, the cost of properties increases by an average of 10% annually, allowing you to resell them profitably in a few years.

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