Real Estate Encyclopedia, terms -Tract housing

Tract housing

Settlement of a closed type, located in the city or suburban areas. The tract housing development consists of multiple houses built on a tract, it may be a gated community having its own security at the entrance. 

Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States popularized the tract housing development after the 90s. Today, almost all suburban areas of major cities in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine include tract housing developments. The higher the standard of living, the more tract housing settlements there will be. 

The tract housing development typically consist of houses made of brick, block or timber. Houses are usually similar or identical in appearance and structure. Some tract housing developments are fenced areas having good roads and developed internal infrastructure (playground, ponds, sports areas, pathways, etc.). 

On the other hand, some tract housing developments are not gated communities and do not include sidewalks. Houses are totally isolated within their bordered fences.  

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