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About Latvia

Also known as the Republic of Latvia, Latvia is a Baltic country nestled in northern Europe. It shares its borders with its neighboring countries of Russia, Estonia, and Belarus. As a country, Latvia is quite advanced both socially and economically and ranks 41st in the Human Development Index. More than 56% of Latvia’s land lies in forests thus contributing to a lot of biodiversity in flora and fauna. Additionally, the country enjoys a humid temperate climate and has topographical diversity with many rivers, lakes, waterfalls, fertile lands, plains, hills, among others.

Why is Latvia important as a travel destination?

Latvia has one of the highest growth rates in Europe and enjoys a highly stable high-income economy with many perks such as civil liberties, press freedom, high standard of living, and much more. Not only does Latvia attract a lot of tourists each year, but it is also known for being a new home for people who are looking to settle down and retire. When it comes to tourism, there are many medieval villages and towns, castles, national parks, museums, and other similar attractions for visitors.

Buying property in Latvia

Investing in real estate in Latvia is an easy and seamless process. There are no restrictions on foreigners buying property which makes it easy to acquire land in the country. By choosing an experienced real estate firm, you can get hundreds of good property deals within the country. From houses, apartments, villas, there is a lot of choices that you have if you are considering to buy property in Latvia. Being a high-income economy with a very high standard of living, Latvia is also a perfect destination if you are considering to settle down and retire. With a constantly developing economy, rest assured that your investment is safe when buying property in Latvia.