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Frequently asked Questions - Poland
What are the types of housing in Poland?

In Poland, there are two types of residential real estate:

  • independent housing;
  • land property. 
What are the main differences between land property and independent housing?

Independent housing includes apartments. The land property includes houses, townhouses, and plots of land. When buying real estate, you should clearly understand what type of real estate it belongs to, since Polish laws provide for different conditions and requirements for the purchase of different types of housing. 

What types of real estate property can be purchased by a foreigner?

Citizens of other countries can purchase any property in Poland, provided that the state issues a permit for the purchase of property.

Important! Some types of housing can be purchased without a special permit. 

Where do I get a permit for the purchase of housing?

The permit for the purchase of housing is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland. It is worth noting that some types of housing can be purchased without a special permit.

What does a foreigner need to get a permit to purchase real estate? What is the validity period of the real estate purchase permit?

To obtain a permit to purchase real estate, a foreign citizen needs an application and a number of documents (including the applicant’s data, information about the seller, information about the purchased property, information about the purpose of buying real estate, receipts for payment of state fees, etc.). The list of required documents can be expanded at the request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. All documents must be submitted in Polish Translation of documents must be notarized.

A permit to buy real estate is valid for 24 months. 

Can I conduct a real estate transaction in a remote format?

A foreigner can buy an apartment remotely by issuing a power of attorney to a real estate company. As for transactions with other types of housing, the buyer must appear in person.

How do I get a residence permit?

Getting higher education in Polish universities or attending language courses. Running your own business. Marriage to a Polish citizen or permanent resident. Work visa or contract. Polish roots. Karta Polaka.

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How long does it take to get a residence permit?

The waiting period for a response about obtaining a residence permit is 5-6 months. Applications for a residence permit in Poland are reviewed only if the applicant has lived in the country for at least 3 months. 

What are the advantages of a residence permit?

It gives you the right:

  • To live, study, and work (in case of a temporary residence permit, you need an additional permit), as well as run business on the territory of the country.
  • Cross the borders of Member States of Schengen area under a visa-free regime and stay on their territory for up to 3 months.
  • Receive medical care, purchase/ rent real estate, and movable property.
  • Apply for citizenship of the Republic of Poland.

In some cases, a residence permit may be the basis for benefits when obtaining visas to other countries (for example, England and America).

What are the grounds for obtaining Polish citizenship?
  • Application addressed to the President or voivode.
  • By descent (Karta Polaka).
  • By marriage to a Polish citizen. 

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What are the benefits of obtaining citizenship?
  • The opportunity to live, study, and work in any EU country, without a time limit.
  • Ability to travel throughout the EU visa-free.
  • Education in the EU is cheaper for Polish citizens.
  • The opportunity to purchase land and real estate in the EU. 
What documents are necessary for buying real estate?
  • International passport.
  • Personal or documented consent of the spouse (notarized power of attorney or marriage contract)

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How does the real estate purchase process work? What stages does it include?
  • Drawing up a reservation agreement.
  • Signing a preliminary contract with the developer (Umowa Deweloperska).
  • Making a payment (possible in the form of several payments according to the schedule approved by the developer).
  • The signing of a notarized deed of purchase and sale of real estate (after construction).
  • Registration of an apartment in your name.

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What additional expenses can be faced by a buyer in the process of purchasing real estate?

You must pay for the services of a realtor. Notarial services. Interpreter services Taxes and state duties (2% when buying on the secondary market and 0% when buying directly from the developer). 

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What’s the average cost of utilities?

The average cost of utilities in Poland is starting from 1.5 to 2.5 euros per sq. m. (in new buildings). Electricity is paid additionally.

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