Buying an apartment in Poland for less than € 100,000. Mission (im)possible? 2021

Buying an apartment in Poland for less than € 100,000. Mission (im)possible?

19.11.2021 15:30
Author: Marina Kremer

Prices for apartments in Poland have grown by an average of 15-20% over the past year, which was quite expected given the growing inflation, the rising prices for building materials and the growing demand for real estate in large cities. Now, in order to find a good apartment for a family in Warsaw or Wroclaw, you will have to try your best. A journalist found some interesting options for apartments in Warsaw, which cost less than € 100,000.

A one-room for € 97,882

The cost of housing in Poland continues to grow, both in the primary and secondary market. The average sale price of a one-room apartment on the secondary market in Warsaw is already $ 166,000, and other major cities are not far behind these figures. The cost of a square meter in Wroclaw and Gdansk is about $ 2300. Compared to last year, housing prices in Poland have grown by an average of 16-19%, while demand does not fall, but continues to grow. 

That is why this one-room apartment with an area of 28 squares meters, which is for sale for € 97,882, no longer seems to be something out of the ordinary. 

The studio apartment is located on the third floor of a residential building erected in 1998. The apartment consists of a living room with kitchen equipment (19 sq. m.), A balcony (3 sq. m.), A wardrobe (1.5 sq. m.) And a bathroom (4 sq. m.). The apartment is fully furnished and equipped.

Due to the two large windows and light walls, the place looks large and spacious. Its interior design is quite versatile, with a semicircular kitchen around a column that has become an interesting «feature». The house is located in an already settled area with a well-developed infrastructure: within walking distance there are shops, cafes, public transport stops. There are a park and a small square nearby. The seller indicated that, if you wish, you can additionally buy a place in the underground parking for $ 8,800.

A two-room for € 86,789

Against the background of the first option, this apartment looks too cheap. Here, for an apartment with an area of 43 sq. m., the seller asks for € 86,789. Probably, the reason for such a discount was a prerequisite — the purchase is possible only for cash. 

So, in the Brodno district of, Warsaw a two-room apartment is for sale. It is located on the fifth floor of a residential building erected in 1970. The dwelling consists of a spacious living room (17.4 sq. m), a bedroom (10.9 sq. m), a kitchen (5.65 sq. m), a hall (4.7 sq. m) and a bathroom (3.85 sq. m). The apartment also has a balcony and a basement (1.8 sq. m). The windows face north-east.


According to the seller, this option is interesting not only as a permanent place of residence, but also as an investment property. The main advantage here is its great location. In addition to the well-developed social infrastructure (there are shops, shopping and sports centers, consumer service points nearby), there is a very good transport connection with any part of the city. Now bus routes run in this area, but access to a metro line will also open in 2022. 

Also, this option is perfect for people who lead an active lifestyle. There are several bike paths nearby that lead straight to the Brodno forest. There is a park within walking distance.

An attractive double-room for € 86,789

Another two-room apartment of the same kind is for sale in Warsaw in the Wola district. According to the seller, this is an attractive 37.6 sq. m. with an excellent layout for its rooms. There is a living room (16.3 sq. m.), A bedroom (10.8 sq. m.), A kitchen (3.5 sq. m.), A hall (3.2 sq. m.) And a bathroom with a toilet. (3.8 sq. m). A pleasant bonus is that the owner has a personal basement with an area of almost 4 sq. m.

The apartment is located on a high ground floor in a building erected in 1964 in an already settled area. The metro can be reached on foot in about 10 minutes. Near the house there is a bus stop and a swimming pool, as well as a park about a kilometer from the house.


New building for € 69,889

If you do not want to consider offers on the secondary market, then in Warsaw at the moment there is a fairly large selection of new buildings. According to the latest data, the cost of a square meter in new buildings in Poland is on average $ 2,500, while in Warsaw this figure is more and more often approaching the $ 3,000 mark.

The catalog has an interesting offer for a new building in the Aleje Jerozolimskie area. Here the developer offers ready-made one- and two-room apartments. The price is also quite good — € 69,889. However, apparently, the final price of the apartment will depend on each specific case. 


The apartments are being sold completely ready to move in, and therefore they are perfect for renting out. The complex is located a 10-minute drive from the Chopin International Airport. 

Do you need to choose the most suitable property to buy an apartment in Poland as profitable as possible? Go see the catalog of apartments or houses in Poland, and you will find exactly what you need.

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