Property for sale in Valencia, Spain

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The capital of the province of the same name, the city of Valencia, populated by 800 thousand people, is not only a tourist center, but also an economic and cultural one. It is not surprising that Valencia real estate is in demand both among Spaniards themselves and among foreigners: thousands of people move to this city every year. Residential real estate is especially popular, with a wide variety of options.

Real estate options

You will find the widest choice among apartments: you can buy a modest studio, a 2-3-room apartment for a family, a spacious apartment or an elite penthouse. People preferring independent housing can choose between family houses, cottages and villas located in quiet green areas. Townhouses are less common. Most apartments and houses are sold with equipped kitchens but, if you wish, it is easy to find fully furnished accommodation.

Four reasons to buy property in Valencia

  • Distinguished by a favorable location, a well-developed infrastructure and an excellent climate, Valencia is an excellent place for both permanent and temporary residence.
  • Due to the density of development, relatively little new housing is being built in the city, which means that property for sale in Valencia, Spain, will increase in value, and its purchase is an excellent investment.
  • The abundance of newcomers generates a high need for housing, making apartments and houses highly liquid: selling real estate in Valencia not only does not cause difficulties, but also allows you to earn money.
  • Unlike purely resort towns, Valencia lets you rent out an apartment or house all year round, providing yourself with a stable source of income.

Property prices in Valencia

It is enough to have only about 70 thousand euros on hand to become the owner of housing in this city: this is how much the cheapest apartment costs. Usually, 1-2-room apartments cost 120-190 thousand euros, whilst 3-4-room apartments -range from 200 to 500 thousand euros. Elite apartments will cost about 700-900 thousand euros. In general, the cost of an apartment is influenced not only by the location, size and layout, but also by the type of house: in the secondary market, homes for sale in Valencia are cheaper.

If you want to get a house, you need to have at least 350-400 thousand euros available. On average, house prices go up from half a million euros, while truly luxurious options with a large area and an outdoor pool are sold for 1.5-2 million euros. The prices for villas do not differ much from the prices for houses: the cheapest of them will cost 420 thousand euros.