Property for sale in Malaga, Spain

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Real estate in Malaga: cozy residential and commercial properties in the south of Spain

Not only the natives but also foreign investors tend to acquire real estate in Malaga. Potential buyers are attracted by prospects of living in one of the largest cities of Spain known for its well-developed infrastructure, quality medicine and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. Affordable prices for residential property in Malaga can be noted among the other local benefits. Prices here are significantly lower than in the other Spanish cities. The average cost of an apartment in Malaga with a floor area of 30 meters will cost you from 70 to 80 thousand euros. On the outskirts of the city, residential property can be hunted for even cheaper — within 1.7 thousand euros per meter.

Why it’s worth buy property in Malaga

Buying a residential or commercial property in a picturesque Spanish city is beneficial for many reasons:

  • When buying square meters for more than 500 thousand euros, a foreign investor is guaranteed to receive a residence permit. Two years later, you can apply for permanent residency.
  • Real estate purchase tax is only 10%.
  • The purchased property can be rented out for 500-2000 euros per month, depending on its floor area and location.

Wide range of apartments

The real estate market in Malaga offers many options. One-bedroom and two-bedroom flats are available for sale in great numbers both in the center and on the outskirts. This is the excellent option for small families and young couples. With sufficient financial resources, you can afford to buy a three-bedroom apartment in the exclusive areas Lomas de San Anton and La Malagueta offering for sale luxury villas with direct access to the Mediterranean Sea.