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About Northern Cyprus

Officially known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, it is a sovereign state that is only recognized by Turkey. Mainly dominated by service-based industries it has a growing economy that has seen tremendous growth over the last few decades. It follows a semi-presidential, democratic rule with the official language of the inhabitants being Turkish.

Tourism in Northern Cyprus

Being known as the go-to beach destination, Northern Cyprus sees a large number of tourists looking for a holiday vacation. The most popular destination is Kyrenia that hosts a wide range of tourist attractions including castles, museums, ruins, nightlife, entertainment options, casinos, among others. Tourism has played a major role in shaping the economy and growth. Apart from this, the country is well-known for its cultural and historical diversity.

Why buy property here?

With warm weather, low cost of living, and beach atmosphere, Northern Cyprus is one of the most ideal destinations if you are looking to settle down. There are many property deals that you can find across the country ranging from apartments, beachside villas, houses, and much more. There are a lot of options in expensive places like Nicosia which is also the capital city of the country. There are also less expensive options when it comes to property deals in Northern Cyprus.

Being a growing economy, the real estate market is quite affordable and diverse. This makes the country an ideal choice among property investors. As there are not a lot of laws and restrictions when it comes to buying property, the entire process is quite short and simple. This can help you be the proud owner of your new home in a very short period of time. Compared to other European countries, properties in Northern Cyprus is also more cost-effective and affordable. The country is building on its reputation as the perfect place to retire.