The best offers of small inexpensive houses in Finland

Buying a cheap house and moving to Finland — isn’t it a dream? A selection of cosy houses in the forest

What should a private house in the forest to spend cosy autumn and winter evenings look like? Everyone imagines their own idea and, more often than not, it will be a small wooden cottage surrounded by trees. Inside, there must be a cosy interior and the warmth of a fireplace or stove. The database has accommodation for every taste, but this time we’ve made a selection of these cosy cottages in the woods. And they’re all in Finland, and they’re all not that expensive. So maybe you should take a closer look.

A lake house in Alajärvi for €19,000

House by the lake in AlajärviOverview of the plot from houses in Alajärvi

In western Finland, 415 kilometres from the Russian border, there is a small town called Alajärvi. It is not too popular with tourists — the attractions here include vineyards and an art museum. It is also the birthplace of Finnish philosopher Eino Kaila. That’s probably all the features. 

However, it is worth coming here if you want to buy a house in the woods and enjoy the clean air and tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle. This is exactly the sort of house put on sale for €19,000. It is a small wooden one-storey house built in 1953 and has a total area of approx 90 sq.m. It has electricity, water and sewage. As a bonus, it has its own sauna and bathroom with underfloor heating. 

The total area of the plot is 1890 sq.m. There is a garage and a storeroom/shed on the plot.

Interior of a house in AlajärviLiving room in a house in AlajärviSteam room in a house in Alajärvi

The interior of the house has a classic rustic style: lots of bright details, carpets on the walls, colourful bedspreads and lots of furniture. Perhaps this cottage can become even cosier if the future owner leaves only the necessary furniture. 

A townhouse in Alaviška for €20,000

Townhouse in AlavescaSmall house-townhouse in the community of Alavesca

If you want to live in a small house of your own, but still be part of the community, you should consider townhouses. There’s a townhouse for sale in the small community of Alaviška. 

For €20,000, the seller is offering a two-bedroom home with a total of 51 sq. m. The house was built in 1978 and has a living room combined with a kitchen, and a bedroom. The interior is simple but cosy — minimalist Scandinavian style.

According to the seller, the bathroom and toilet were renovated separately in 2010 and 2011, including the renovation of the cold and hot water system. Heating and plumbing pipes have been laid over the surface, with underfloor heating in the bathrooms and electrically heated saunas. Ah, yes. The house, of course, has its own sauna. There is also a laundry and drying room in the house.

Townhouse living roomTownhouse kitchenDecorating a bathroom in a townhouse

The condominium is connected to central heating. The utility bill is €142.80 per month. Water and electricity charges are based on consumption.

The distance to the nearest shop is 400 metres and the nearest school is 200 metres away. Distance to Russian border (Svetogorsk city) — 475 km.

Townhouse in Paltamo for €23,000 

Townhouse in PaltamoTerrace in a townhouse in Paltamo

Very cosy house is for sale in the small municipality of Paltamo, which is situated 145 km from the city of Oulu. The distance to the Russian border (Svetogorsk) is approximately 450 kilometres.

Townhouse, which is on sale for €23,000, built in 1971. It is a wooden house with a total area of 145 sq.m., located on its own plot with a total area of 1879 sq.m. The house is connected to city water supply, sewerage and electricity, and there is even a wood-fired sauna.

Judging by the photographs, the owner of this house has decorated his home with love and care. The interior is laconic, but very cosy. White walls, accentuated furniture, and plenty of light (thanks to the house’s many windows) create the impression of a stylish and well-maintained home that one wants to move into immediately after purchase. 

Decoration of the dining area in the houseGourmet cuisine in a cabin in FinlandModern living room in a townhouse in Paltamo

The ad states that the house has undergone a condition inspection in 2021. The inspection found moisture inside, so the property is being sold for renovation. 

There are schools close to the house, the distance to a Neste petrol station is 800 metres. The medical centre is about 1.1 km away. The property itself is actually located in a forest.

A house in Kuhmo for €25,000

One-story house in FinlandTerrace of a small house in Kuhmo

In the small Finnish town of Kuhmo, only 70 kilometres from the border, a small house with a total area of 124 square metres is for sale. It is a one-storey wooden building from 1973 with a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and, of course, a sauna.

The house is connected to the city sewerage and water supply, and there is electric and wood heating. The interior design is mainly light colours, with neat furniture in classical style. The kitchen has its own red-brick stove.

The plot of land with a total area of 1200 sq. m. is currently leased and the lease is valid until 31.10.2052. The cost of the lease is 280,96 euros per year. Plus annual property tax — 165.72 euros. 

Living room in a wooden house in FinlandKitchen in a one-story house in FinlandBedroom in a house in Kuhmo

Do you want to buy a house in Finland? Check out the options on and choose what you like most.

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