Sochi project the best in the field of respectable recreation

Sochi project is recognized as the best in the field of respectable recreation on the Black Sea coast

07.02.2020 11:00

The Berlin International Congress of Real Estate and Investments, as well as the American editions of the New York Journal and the American Reporter, defined the best project in the field of elite vacation in the Black Sea coast resorts — it became REEF RESIDENCE, developed by the «Theona» company. Sochi is confidently getting on the same level with such European standards of fashionable relaxation as Nice, Monaco, Cannes and San Remo. Incidentally, all these cities are located at approximately the same latitude.

The prestigious award will be presented to the winning project on February 25, 2020 at the evening party of the International Congress of Real Estate and Investments in the Berlin Capital Club, Berlin.

The owner of the investment company Stukkert & Co and the organizer of the International Congress, Anna Shtukkert, believes that REEF RESIDENCE was awarded a well-deserved award for the development of elite vacation in Russia. The complex, occupying a total of more than 25 thousand m², meets all the requirements of a respectable vacation: good location, circumspect infrastructure, environmental friendliness, safety and privacy.

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REEF RESIDENCE is located far from the highway and railways and is surrounded by 37 hectares of arboretum. In addition, the complex is located near the residence of the Russian President «Bocharov Ruchey», is in 10 minutes from the port and in 45 minutes from the airport. The architectural concept of REEF RESIDENCE was developed by architect Yu. Grigoryan from the Moscow project «Project Meganom». His most famous projects are Barvikha Luxury Village and club-type apartment buildings on Ostozhenka street Crystal House and «Molochniy».

It offers 72 panoramic rooms with sea views, two villas and a luxurious penthouse. The complex also includes swimming pools, a private beach, fitness and spa areas. The interior decoration and decor are made of natural materials.

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