In every country, there are houses that lost their owners a long time ago. Of course, such places can also be found in Greece, a sunny country with rich history and culture. It is here, where amidst paradise mountains and sea half-ruined stone buildings perfectly fit into the local landscape, and it seems that nothing breaks this idyll. But possibly these houses will be able to get another chance for life? Here is a selection of abandoned homes in Greece that are being sold for nothing.

In 2022, the Greek real estate market faced another incredible increase in buying activity. On average, apartments rose in price by 10-15%, and an average cost of a square meter in Athens reached €2,400-2,480. However, it is obvious that the prices differ depending on the property’s location. For example: in Korinf, a square meter will cost around €600-720, at the same time in Saloniki it varies between €1,600 and €2,200.

A separate segment of the real estate market is represented by abandoned and half-ruined buildings and constructions. Such accommodation is sold at a significant discount. And often not the houses are on sale but the land plots where they are located. Sometimes, these «ruins» so perfectly fit into the surrounding landscape that they remind you of paintings of famous artists: you want to look at them paying attention to every detail.

House in Vrahasion for €33,000

Vrachasion, Greece
€ 33,000
5 Number of rooms Number of floors 1

Halfway from Naples to the sea in the village of Vrachasi, an abandoned house with a total area of 120 square meters is for sale. According to the seller, the house has 5 bedrooms. The two-storey house consists of two storerooms, a kitchen with a living room, and a bathroom on the first floor. An internal staircase leads to the upper floor where there are three more bedrooms. There is also a terrace (patio).

From the photographs, it looks like it is in dire need of renovation inside and outside. The living room with blue walls and a portrait — most likely of the owner of this house — is more or less intact. There is a very picturesque still life of dried flowers, a preserved jug, and some plates on the table in this room.

There is a picturesque view of the mountains from the windows. Judging by the map, the sea is not far at all, but to get to it, you will still need a car. The listing indicates that water and electricity were connected to the house in the past, which means they can quickly be restored.

House in Kalo Chorio for €40,000

Kalon Chorion, Greece
€ 40,000
2 Number of rooms Number of floors 1

Almost on the coast of Crete island, an old house that has been abandoned for a very long time is up for sale. A half-ruined building is a townhouse with a total area of 60 square meters. A long time ago, it was a two-storey house with a kitchen and a living room on the first floor and a bedroom on the second. Previously glazed windows were overlooking the mountains and the city.

Now the only thing in the house left from the former owners is the stove, which apparently was actively used by them. The rest of the interior is in a deplorable condition: the walls are ruined in some places, the wooden staircase is crooked, and the doors, which are loose in some places, are reinforced with some planks. 

Townhouse in the village of Kritsa for €40,000

Kritsa, Greece
€ 40,000
4 Number of rooms Number of floors 1

Not far from the sea in the village of Kritsa, there is a townhouse for sale, which, apparently, became abandoned not so long ago. The ad states that it is a dilapidated dwelling with a total area of 100 square meters, which consists of three floors. There is a bedroom and kitchen on the first floor, another bedroom and a bathroom on the second floor, and two more bedrooms on the third floor. The windows overlook the sea, the mountains, and the city.

The photos show that people lived in the house not long ago: the rooms look more or less neat, the walls are whitewashed, the housewares are neatly put in their places and the fireplace is neatly covered by a curtain. In one of the rooms, there are large clay wine vats, which are quite well preserved, in the kitchen on the table covered with a tablecloth you can see family photos. 

From the outside, the house looks quite tidy.

Townhouse in the village of Kritsa for €45,000

Kritsa, Greece
€ 45,000
4 Number of rooms Number of floors 1

Another very atmospheric townhouse for sale in the village of Kritsa. It is a house with a total area of 120 square meters. The townhouse is located on two levels: the first floor consists of one bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom; the second floor consists of one bedroom, living room, another kitchen, and another bathroom. The windows have a view of the mountains, and the city. As a bonus, a fireplace is presented — however, it appears that it was not used for beauty or heating the house, but directly for cooking.

It is clear from the photographs that some rooms were quite inhabited not so long ago, as evidenced by the plastered white walls and the relative order around them. Some rooms have been abandoned, and the crumbling furniture and crumbling walls are a reminder of a beautiful pastime. 

Though the townhouse is obviously dilapidated and in need of repair, there is something subtly mesmerizing about the photos of this home. The striking combination of vibrant bright green plants and crumbling doors along with crumbling stucco catches the eye. Such a contrast further emphasizes the fleetingness of time and the fragility of all man-made things.

Townhouse in the village of Tapi for €47,000 

Tapi, Greece
€ 47,000
3 Number of rooms 1 bath Number of floors 2

We conclude our list with an old but very well-maintained house, which is located in Crete. Here for €47,000 you can buy a small townhouse with a total area of 62 sqm. On the first floor, there is one bedroom, a living room, a shower room, and a storeroom, while on the second floor, there is one bedroom. Like in all houses here, there is a fireplace on the first floor where meals are cooked. The windows have a view of the mountains and the town.

The photographs show that not long ago someone lived in the house. Plastered walls, neatly arranged furniture lined with tablecloths, and antique framed portraits — every detail tells the story of a family. One would think that on the sunny terrace, the owner of the house once made wine and stored it in a large clay vessel here, while his wife tended the bright flowers in vases that were lovingly arranged in the sun.