Albania to issue residence permits to pensioners and digital nomads 2021

Albania to issue residence permits to pensioners and digital nomads

26.02.2021 17:00

The new legislative proposal is not officially adopted yet, but it is being actively discussed by the Parliament. If it is adopted, foreign citizens won’t have to deal with various setbacks on their arrival to Albania unlike today. It won’t be necessary to contact the migration service, collecting a huge pile of documents. 

With the adoption of the new law, many bureaucratic processes will be simplified. Most of the services are about to be converted to an online format. Exit news informs that foreigners will have an opportunity to receive detailed explanations about the terms, conditions and requirements needed for moving to the country. They will also have an opportunity to get new types of residence permits. 


Currently, in Albania, elderly or retired foreign citizens are required to give the reason for their arrival in the country, for example, work or family reunification. Those who have already retired can apply for the right to work as a volunteer. Yet pensioners still have to deduct money for social insurance and pay taxes, despite the fact that volunteer activities don’t generate any income. 

According to the new Law on Foreigners, pensioners will have the opportunity to apply for a permit only for themselves. In accordance with the article 85, foreign citizens who have the right to receive a pension in their country will also be able to apply for a pension permit in Albania. 

How to get a residence permit in Albania?

To meet the requirements, foreigners need to provide certain documents: 

  • a notarized lease agreement; 
  • health insurance; 
  • an annual pension certificate, the amount of which must be at least 9722 euros; 
  • the current account in the bank of Albania to which the pension will be transferred; 
  • a certificate of absence of offenses. 

The permit is renewed on an annual basis, with no taxes required. At the same time, pensioners are not allowed to engage in economic or professional activities on the territory of the country. 

Students and scientists 

According to the new draft law, they will have the opportunity to stay in Albania for 9 months in order to get a job after completing their studies. 

Digital nomads 

According to the new law, the permit will also be provided for digital nomads. Previously, they had to set up a company in order to pay themselves a salary in Albania, find a local employer, or obtain the support of business partners with Albanian citizenship. 

Now, with the adoption of the new bill, many bureaucratic processes can be skipped. In particular, after moving to the country for obtaining a permit, migrants will not need to go through a similar process in the local municipal authority, providing the same package of papers as for a residence permit. It not only takes a lot of time, but also requires a lot of money, since registration and legalization of each document costs up to 500 euros. The new law will help regulate these processes by converting them into an online format.

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