House 133 m² in Kosalieva, Belarus

Kosalieva, Belarus, Koshelevo
Archive cost € 34,241
Sold or out of date
Updated at: 26.11.2022


Country: Belarus
State: Brest Region
Region: Brest District
Village: Kosalieva
Address: Koshelevo

Building parametres

The year of construction: 2015
Total area: 133 m²
Land area: 1 435 m²
House in the suburbs of Brest [Koshelevo]. Code: 18320Plaza at home & ndash; 133 sq.m., residential & ndash; 68 sq.m., kitchen & ndash; 22 sq.m. The readiness of the structure is 12%. . Reality
New building location
Kosalieva, Belarus, Koshelevo
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