Valencia as a centre of Spanish traditions
Valencia as a centre of Spanish traditions

Valencia as a centre of Spanish traditions

Spain is a country that cherishes celebrations and entertainment, locals will always have a special occasion for a fiesta. Not only the capital holds large-scale events. For example, every month cultural festivals take place in Valencia that are definitely recommended to visit for fans of unforgettable leisure time. Why not buy accommodation in Valencia in order not to miss any bright event in the famous Spanish province? 

Valencia is not only a city but an autonomous community of the same name with 800 thousand people living there. In terms of estate demand and numbers of tourists visiting the city, Valencia is as popular and important as other larger Spanish destinations. Founded in the II century, the city boasts many interesting attractions. 

3 most important facts about Valencia: 

  1. In the Valencia Cathedra, there is a Holy Grail, a cup that Jesus used during the Last Supper. Its authenticity was officially recognized by the Vatican. 
  2. Bewitching City of Arts and Sciences, a futuristic style complex built by famous architects Felix Candela and Santiago Calatrava is located in Valencia. 
  3. Besides, here a second large Spanish bridge is situated. 

In the unofficial hierarchy list of the Spanish cities, Valencia is ranked the third. This city fascinates everyone who has ever been here. It lies on the Mediterranean coast, where river Turia flows into the sea. 300 warm and sunny days make the climate here perfect for living.

Valencia is a city of contrasts that attracts ones who seek for real estate in a tranquil and picturesque part of Spain. Here, a few completely different architectural styles exist in perfect harmony. In newly built luxury neighbourhoods, many splendid majestic buildings are constructed. The old part of the city has its special charm. Narrow little streets, minimum fee space but lots of Gothic architecture masterpieces. Valencia is an ideal place for history lovers. Square meter prices in new neighbourhoods start from €3000. In the historical city centre, the properties cost almost twice less.

Among other city attractions, the City of Arts and Sciences stands out. A prototype of the future opened in 1998 is a must-see for every tourist visiting Valencia. 

Who will find Valencia to be a perfect place? 

Valencia is a great choice of a quiet and slow-paced lifestyle lovers. Willing to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities, families with kids and elderly people often purchase properties here. This resort city with fresh air, stunning nature, historical heritage is often visited by tourists, but not as much as Madrid or Barcelona.

Valencia is rather small, and all the attractions can be reached within walking distance from the city centre. If walking is not your preference, a lot of bicycles are available for rent. It’s a common and affordable option, a year bicycle rent costs only €25.

The holiday season in Valencia starts in spring and lasts till October. It’s a solid reason to buy a cosy house right on the beach. A spacious 300 square meter villa on the beachfront in a resort zone is a great investment. Even if you’re not planning to live here, you could always lease the house and get stable considerable income.

An important tradition of evening fiesta

People of Valencia are fond of the local traditions, especially fiestas. It’s a big thing for the Spanish to spend evenings with families, share their problems, emotions, everything that happened during the day and just chat together. Family meetings are frequently organized on the beach. The locals prepare dinner in advance and enjoy the food outdoors. Meanwhile, almost empty restaurants and cafes in the city become surprisingly quiet.

La Tomatina in Bunyola

Valencia offers a wide range of entertainments, including adventurous ones. If you want to experience something new, welcome to the tomato fight! A small town Bunyol holds this unusual annual competition. Only 9000 people live here, and the same number of tourists arrive here to take part in La Tomatina that starts on the last Wednesday of August. During the festival, about 140 tons of tomatoes are used. In 2018, more than 50 thousand people participated in La Tomatina. The accommodation rent demand is huge, tourists usually don’t have a lot of rental options. The luckiest ones to avoid this problem are the owners of properties in the town.

The Cine en las playas de Valencia festival

Valencia has another amazing tradition. Every July, in the middle of the month the cinema challenge takes place on the seashore of Valencia. Open-air cinemas show the best domestic and foreign movies. A lot of tourists and neighbouring cities residents visit this charming festival. 

As soon as the cinema festival is over, another special event starts. Medusa Sun Beach musical festival gathers a lot of dance and party lovers. It takes place on the Cullera beach in Valencia. 

Las Fallas Festival

Yet, none of the celebrations can be compared to the greatest festival of Valencia, the Las Fallas brilliant show. It’s celebrated on the 14 on March and lasts for 5 days. Visitors from all over the world come here to witness this unique event.

The idea of the festival is to burn specially prepared papier-mache dolls. The Spanish spend a lot of time preparing the dolls and try to make them more interesting and special each year. The figures can reflect everything possible: from fairy-tale characters to politicians. It became popular to represent the most recent challenges of our times. But not every doll will be burnt at the festival. The best one — Ninot Indultat — selected publically, will be placed with honour in the Fallero Museum of Valencia.

Real estate growth

If you are thinking to buy a property in Valencia, do not postpone the deal. Compared to 2018, in 2019 estate price increased by 8.4%. Next year, another wave of price growth of 4.3% is expected. If, at the moment, you don’t have enough money to buy accommodation, consider the mortgage option. The average rate in Spain is only 2.6%.

Which is better to choose — Valencia or Cullera?

In terms of tourist attractiveness and real estate demand, Valencia got a solid competitor Cullera. Located in 25 kilometres from Valencia, this town is mostly famous for the Historical Castle on the Montaña de Cullera mount. The imposing construction was built in the X century BC. The 200-meter high viewpoint offers unmatched views of the bay, rice terraces, the mouth of the Jucar River, and the whole Ribera Baja region.

There are two airports situated close to Cullera. This place has everything to provide a comfortable life: shops, cafes, restaurants, parks, leisure spots, entertainment for kids. Due to a small territory of the town, everything is located reached within walking distance. A splendid 200 square metre villa on the beachfront costs about €1.2 million. A property in the city with a great mountain view can be purchased for twice less, only €600 thousand.

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