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434 properties 34 commercial properties

Company description

AWAY REALTY is your trusted partner in a world of foreign real estate and investments. Homes.RU is an elite real estate boutique abroad, offers you investment objects in 7 popular European countries – Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Switzerland.

There are more than 10 000 relevant offers in the AWAY REALTY database, all from the owners. During 2017-2019 years we have added a few dozens of exclusive business projects to our collection and we are sure they will perfectly complement your investment portfolio.

The types of property, we offer:

  • Luxury flats and apartments. Both options are ideal for living and great for renting and benefiting from it.
  • Gorgeous houses and villas by the sea, objectifying the idea of a perfect life.
  • Historical townhouses and mansions, that are fulfilled with the spirit of the time.
  • Chic chalets and castles for the lovers of nature, privacy and ski resorts.
  • Modern penthouses in the prestigious skyscrapers with a sophisticated view.
  • Perspective commercial property (hotels, guest houses, shopping centers, etc.), which will be profitable and will give you financial stability in a foreign country.
  • The best landholding for building both residential and commercial real estate.

Additional AWAY REALTY services:

  • Business projects for investors in Europe.
  • Assistance during all stages of a transaction.
  • After-sale real estate management.
  • Selection of the educational facility for your children in Europe.
  • Multi-family asset management office.
  • A search of the contractors for the construction or renovation of your property abroad.