US citizenship after graduation: World Property Invest expert about the EB-5 program 2021

US citizenship after graduation: World Property Invest expert about the EB-5 program

The United States is a country with the largest number of higher education institutions — it has 2,043 universities, which account for 11% of universities worldwide. 

According to the world university ranking, 4 of the top 5 are located in the United States. They are Stanford, Harvard, California and Massachusetts Universities. MTI University graduates are professional IT specialists, businessmen, politicians and Nobel laureates. 

Sergey Filatov, a founder of World Property Invest, spoke about how to benefit from studying in the United States and become a US citizen.

To enter a university, you need to pass the entrance exams with honours. Tuition at US universities is not free and the fees depend on the institution. 

Having entered the university, a foreign citizen should think about the subsequent employment. While getting a higher education, a student lives in the United States on the basis of a study visa. After graduation, a foreigner can stay in the country for 1 or 3 years, depending on their diploma. If they do not manage to find an employer during that period, they will no longer be able to legally stay in the United States according to the law. 

US universities provide not only knowledge but also prestige and many acquaintances with current and future successful scientists, businessmen, politicians and economists.

Green Card

US residence permit, also known as Green Card, gives foreigners many advantages:

  • residence in the US;
  • official employment;
  • business opportunities;
  • free education for children in US schools;
  • an opportunity to receive education at a reduced cost in one of the country’s public universities. 

After five years of residence in the United States, a Green Card holder can apply for citizenship. 

EB-5 Program

The EB-5 program involves investing in a Regional Center project or setting up your own company, which will provide at least ten workplaces for US residents. About 90% of applicants choose the first option. At the moment, there are more than 800 Regional Centers.

Regional centers are commercial organizations that receive a license from the state government and help investors participate in the EB-5 program by offering projects for investment and preparing all the necessary documents.

The investment program includes both residential and commercial projects: apartments, houses, residential premises for rent, warehouses, offices, industrial infrastructure facilities. The capital of EB-5 accounts for only a small part of real estate financing — about 20-30%. The main share is a bank loan (50-60%) and personal funds of the company developer (20-30%).

It takes around two to three years to get a Green Card after you’ve invested and submitted the documents. A passport can be obtained after 5-7 years. It is expected that in the near future the time frame of the process will be significantly reduced.

Sergey Filatov notes that if you participate in the program now, then by the end of your education you can become a US citizen.

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