Manufacture 516 m² in Smalyavichy District, Belarus

Belarus, Dinarovka
€ 648,817
Updated at: 06.02.2023


Country: Belarus
State: Minsk Region
Region: Smalyavichy District
Address: Dinarovka

Building parameters

Number of floors: 2

Property Parametres

Total area: 516 m²
Investment params
VAT: 0%


Production of new food for sale: production base, offices and storage facilities, production equipment. Currently, production processes are suspended. The business is sold at the price of assets. Equipment, property building. Land for rent for 100 years, 96 remaining. In the fenced area of the site there is the possibility of constructing a two-story building. The company has all production permits, including certificates from the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology, including the CCI of Belarus, the contractual basis of raw materials with Italian partners ( the company is the responsible representative of the Italian raw materials company ), as well as with production and service companies in the Republic of Belarus, there are all the necessary TF permits for food production. The company has and regularly renews a certificate for its own products. Gas supply, garbage collection, wastewater, BWC, communication ( contracts are temporarily deactivated, but there are ample opportunities, including fiber Internet connection at the maximum speed available in Belarus ). Production is organized in strict accordance with SanPiN requirements, the NASSR system has been introduced. You can produce anything. Inhabitant ways to move raw materials and finished products. Production equipment in perfect condition. Special truck with a transport temperature of up to less than 20 degrees. In general, ideal conditions for production, excellent logistics capabilities and location, exceptional state of the means of production. 2-story building: first floor: a finished products warehouse, a raw materials warehouse, a cargo, loading platform, office space are separated from the storage area. Also on the first floor there is an entrance to the production workshop, workers' toilets. 2nd floor - production workshop, showers, relaxation and feeding room, technologist's office. The building is registered as a production building for the production of food, beverages and tobacco. There is video surveillance. Completely new engineering networks. The power supply is organized from a high voltage line through its own KTP 160 VA, VRU on an electrical panel, power supplies are placed, Network protection machines, DFR, grounding around the perimeter, ASKUE are installed. The production building is equipped with a lightning protection system, a fire warning system and quot; Lightning and quot;. Local wastewater, water supply, water treatment for products. The warehouses and a workshop in addition to the staircase are connected by the gp loading platform. 1,500 kg. Building and gt; 500 square meters, land on 22 acres. Italian manufacturer's production equipment: friesons, pasteurizer, ripener, shock freezing devices, mixer, special. Fiat Doblo car ( minus 20 grd C ). There are tenants. ¡Sell an old apartment and buy a new one with a discount of 2900 BYN! We are preparing options prepared for a purchase and sale transaction Online apartment qualification. It's free. Free consultation Subscribe to the news & nbsp; real estate agencies & quot; Hour-Peak & quot;: VKontakte and nbsp; | and nbsp; Facebook and nbsp; | and nbsp; Youtube and nbsp; | and nbsp; Instagram


Belarus, Dinarovka
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