Residential complex Promenade

Residential complex Promenade

Minsk, Belarus
from € 67,472
About the complex

ЖК "Променад". Там, где хочется жить!

Получить ключи и заселиться в новую квартиру можно в максимально короткие сроки!

Стоимость квадратного метра в новом доме стартует от 1348 долл.

При 100% оплате покупателю предоставляется скидка до 2% от стоимости квартиры(в среднем 30 долл. за 1 квадратный метр).

Также у покупателей есть возможность воспользоваться рассрочкой от застройщика.

Получить ключи от новой квартиры можно, внеся 20% от стоимости.

При покупке квартиры в рассрочку:

На 1 год —увеличение стоимости на 10 долл. за 1 м2.

На 2 года — увеличение стоимости на 25 долл. за 1 м2.

До октября 2024г. — увеличение стоимости на 30 долл. за 1 м2.


Жилой комплекс расположен в экологически чистом районе, рядом с парками и водоемами (водохранилище Дрозды, Минское море).

Развитая инфраструктура: рядом − детские сады, школы, медицинские центры, магазины, фитнес-залы, студии красоты и здоровья.

Развитая транспортная инфраструктура.

15 минут до центра города.

Низкая плотность застройки.

В комплексе продаются только готовые квартиры с современными планировками.

Дома в комплексе построены с применением самых передовых инженерных систем.

Грамотно расположенные места для парковки.

Большое количество спортивных и детских игровых площадок, а также зеленых зон.

Квартиры с французскими окнами с широкими подоконниками, остекленными лоджиями, светлыми и солнечными помещениями, а также комбинированными перегородки между комнатами.

Просторные лифты производителя Orona.

Наличие технического этажа.

Apartments in the complex
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New building location
Minsk, Belarus
Infrastructure nearby
Kindergarten 500 m
Shop 300 m
Transport stop 250 m
School 500 m
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Other complexes
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Dzyarzhynsk District, Belarus
Delivery in 2022

Residential complex "Modern"

A convenient combination of the urban life format in an apartment building away from city blocks in a small cozy town is now a very popular option for housing in the big city zone.

The residential complex is located in the city of Fanipol. Fanipol is one of the most cozy satellite cities near Minsk. Only 7 -10 minutes by car with a permitted speed of 120 km / h - and you are in Minsk. 20 minutes by minibus to the station “Mikhalovo”.

Housing location:

9 MINUT by car to the Petrovshchina metro station

2 MINUTS walk to nurseries and kindergarten

5 MINUT on foot to the gymnasium and music school

3 MINUTS walk to the nearest store and pharmacy

Infrastructure within walking distance of the complex:

  • Yasli – Garden No. 5, “Yasli –Gard No. 1“ Baby ”, Secondary School No. 1, State Institution“ Gymnasium of the city of. Fanipolya ”, music school;
  • Modern playground;
  • Food Stores: Euroopt, Dobrozen;
  • RCC "Belagroprombank";
  • Clinic, pharmacies.
  • Places for walking with pets.
  • Gym, fitness rooms;
  • FOK is being built with a pool and sports sections;
  • Stankovo Ecological Tourism Center.
  • Velorozhka;
  • UO "Center for the Creativity of Children and Youth";
  • Library;
  • Cafe "Motel", "Grandfather of the Marchma";
  • River Bird with water activities.

Apartments in the residential complex “Modern” are equipped with everything necessary.

  • Ceiling height - 2.6m;
  • Cement-sand screed;
  • Input metal doors;
  • Modern two-chamber double-glazed windows;
  • Glazed loggia;
  • Plumbing (bathroom, toilet);
  • Cold and hot water meters;
  • Electric wiring with the installation of sockets, switches and metering devices;
  • Telephony and teleification;
  • Heating radiators.

Lending conditions: Priorbank OJSC under the Green Real Estate program.





1 / 5
Brest Region, Belarus
from € 66,157
50 – 86 m² 3 apartmens
Delivery in 2022

< p > Buy a dream apartment in the center of Brest. The new residential complex "Polessky" is a group of 18-story monolithic houses for 102 apartments and 9-storey brick for 90 apartments. A school and a kindergarten are within walking distance, in which you do not have to stand in line for children. And also in the immediate vicinity are clinics and hospitals, banks, shopping centers, the embankment, the city beach, the main pedestrian promenade of the city. The complex is created with landscaped yards without cars, a sufficient number of parking spaces are created in the territories adjacent to the house. Atraumatic playgrounds and closed bike parks harmoniously complement the intra-house space. The built-in rooms on the 1 floors of the entire residential complex host a variety of shops, cafes and service facilities. The houses are equipped with premium elevators of the American brand Otis. The entrance group will meet you with design. < / p >

1 / 2
Minsk, Belarus
from € 144,141
68 – 144 m² 3 apartmens
Delivery in 2023
Developer: Strateg Group

The main advantages and technical characteristics of  Maestro Deluxe Residences:

  • 70 meters to  the new metro station Bogushevich Square.
  • Location on one of the main streets of Minsk - Nemiga.   
  • Apartments: 50 m2, 67 m2, 72 m2, 90 m2, 103 m2, 144 m2, 220 m2.
  • Large panoramic windows around the perimeter. Amazing view.
  • From 2 to 5 bathrooms in apartments.
  • Underground parking for premium cars, pantries included.
  • Electric vehicles recharge stations.
  • Inneryard without cars access.
  • Concierge service.
  • Video surveillance of common areas of the entire Residential Complex.
  • The apartments have places for dressing rooms, pantries, fitted wardrobes.
  • Our monolithic-carcass residential complex is built from the most durable concrete brands of categories C30 / 37 and C25 / 30. According to the results of tests conducted by the accredited independent laboratory of BNTU, the structures exceed the strength and these indicators.
  • Continuous facade glazing using two-chamber three-layer double-glazed windows provides the best insulation, as well as the maximum possible illumination of the rooms, prevents UV rays from penetrating, which allows you to maintain a favorable indoor microclimate (additional the strength point later).
  • Improved noise insulation achieved using three-layer partitions between apartments. Partitions consist of 120 mm brick, 100 mm ceramic concrete and 40 mm mineral wool. Additional soundproofing of floors between floors is provided by the device of a soundproofing layer of mineral wool 40 mm between the floor plate and floor screed, which is by far the best solution used in house building.
  • Apartments are provided with an individual elevator shaft with access control, which provides additional security, comfort and privacy.
  • Our residential complex is provided with high-speed silent elevators: passenger and freight. Access to living quarters is carried out from the level of lobby and parking.  Elevators are custom-made for Maestro Residences with increased consumer qualities (exclusive decoration of elevator cabs).
  • The ceiling height in each apartment is from 3 to 3.5 m, which in the future allows you to apply the most daring design solutions, including the allocation of several levels of zoning and anthresol in apartments.
  • In apartments from 17 to 20 floor, the equipment of the emergency-exhaust ventilation is possible.
  • The external walls of the apartments are continuous panoramic glazing, provide the best insolation and offer a beautiful view of the center of Minsk.
  • Heating in apartments is carried out using built-in floor convectors, which allows you to realize any ideas of interior design and not to divert attention to unnecessary details.
  • All apartments are freely planned, which, together with a high ceiling height, makes it possible to create an individual design of the premises, not limited to one level.
  • Maestro Residences has an underground two-level parking, in which there are machine rooms with pantries, including an increased area for premium cars, as well as a motorway.  In addition, there is a machine-gun with the ability to device an electric charging station.
  • On the roof of the parking there is a closed reception area equipped with a playground and a relaxation area free of access for cars.
  • The entrance to the Maestro LCD is through a volumetric entrance group with a lobby, which houses a reception, a recreation area, a group of wc, as well as a room for washing pets paws.
  • The towers of the residential complex are interconnected by a two-level stylo, which provides facilities for all necessary services that provide comfortable pastime and accommodation. For example, SPA lounge, bank, cafe, dry cleaning.
  • The undeniable advantage of the Maestro Residences is its location in the very center of the city and its stepwise accessibility to all transport infrastructures, the best places for leisure and the park area. Jewish Memorial Square, Skver Adam Mickiewicz, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Security Committee, branches of the Belarusian State University, Belarusian State Pedagogical University, Belarusbank, BelVEB Bank, railway station, Music theater, Theater. M. Gorky, the Church of St. Simeon and St. Helena, the most famous entertainment venues on the streets of Zybitskaya, Komsomolskaya, Nemiga - all within walking distance.
  • Thanks to its unique facade, our residential complex won the competition of the Belarusian Union of Architects in the nomination "Living multi-story houses over 3 floors. The facade of LCD Maestro has no analogues in Belarus, because in addition to high-class and wear-resistant materials, we have added a note of creativity. And very soon the nightlife of the city will be decorated with the lights of an unusual 20-story building.
  • The proper operation of the building is the key to increasing the amount of funds you have invested in the purchase of housing. We trust only a professional operating company, which will always as soon as possible skillfully eliminate any technical problems. After the completion of the facility, the entire infrastructure remains in the management of the professional operation service of LLC “Experational Company”, which guarantees a quick and high-quality response of our technical services.
  • Buyers of apartments in our house are important not only increased comfort, but also status, which implies the presence of the most prosperous neighborhood, as well as the creation of a club of tenants of Maestro Residences. 
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