Commercial 2 266 m² in Muchaviec, Belarus

Muchaviec, Belarus, Muhavec
Archive cost € 569,103
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Updated at: 27.11.2022


Country: Belarus
State: Brest Region
Region: Brest District
Village: Muchaviec
Address: Muhavec

Property Parametres

Total area: 2 266 m²
Investment params
VAT: 0%
For sale Recreation Center, ag. Mukhavets, Brest district, Brest, for example, 312 km from MKABL area 2266.2 m & sup2;, a plot of 298 acres, brick, condition of the house: satisfactory repair, natural lighting, electricity, gas supply, water - there is, private sector, parking, access roads. LOT 2679. Recreation center on the banks of the Mukhavets River in the nearest suburb of Brest. The plot is 2.98 hectares on lease (lease term until 2059), fenced around the entire perimeter. The complex consists of buildings: club, dining room, tennis, boiler room, four sleeping buildings, pump room. The site has a boiler room (on liquid fuel), gas 50 m from the site boundary, permission to supply gas has been received. A new substation (450 kVA) has been installed. Water supply - well + water tower. Sewerage is local. It is possible to create a hotel complex. Suitable for the creation and business of sports, tourism and health services. Nearby is a river, a forest. Great access roads, transport links. Selling 600 & nbsp; 000 & nbsp; $ , , , . AN Guarantor of Success. Guarantor of success
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Muchaviec, Belarus, Muhavec
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