Manufacture 3 rooms 63 m² in Valozhyn District, Belarus

Valozhyn District, Belarus, Tishkovschina
€ 412,241
Updated at: 27.01.2023


Country: Belarus
State: Minsk Region
Town: Valozhyn District
Address: Tishkovschina

Building parameters

The year of construction: 1999
Number of floors: 1

Property Parametres

Floor: 1
Rooms: 3
Total area: 63 m²
Investment params
VAT: 0%


Have you ever dreamed of having your own business in your own land?? For there to be a reserve, a forest, a river, all with a convenient entrance. You can get out of the house and fully enjoy nature when you have your own farm or make your own hotel a personal complex, which is many in different European countries, or you may want to open your own farm and become a farmer. ? Or maybe you've always dreamed of your own road complex, cafeteria, trucker parking? In our territory you can safely open road service since, near the borders of our site, the M6 motorway passes When you have a lot of energy and fantasies, traction to & nbsp; nature and you don't want to live in a metropolis, where people are in constant haste somewhere and in a hurry to live, when you want a quiet and ecological place, where there is a large parcel of land at 18.3 ha, in a picturesque place, and all this is only 35 kilometers from Minsk, to the address: Minsk region, Volozhansky District, Tishkovshchina village. Only about 35 kilometers on the Minsk-Grodno road and you are in your dream! Here you can create your own production on a 4-acre site or in the same area to build a residential building and this is only part of the agricultural sector located on the site & nbsp; 18.3 Ga, which is optimal for creating a small or medium business, and if there is little land and you want to develop the AGPC and expand your business, as well as making it profitable to invest in agriculture, then there is an agreement with local authorities to obtain an additional ~ 20 hectares of land. There is even a business plan ready for the development of this entire territory, and nbsp; which has up to 5 target appointments: 9.95 ha- arable land 1.83 ha- meadow of land 5.62 ha - under wood-fed vegetation 0.86 ha for development (0.46 ha residential building, 0.42 ha production building) And in the AGPK territory there is an old sawmill building, of course, it must be rebuilt, but by doing so you can earn additional income. In addition to the sawmill building, there is also a residential building in the territory of the complex, which also needs reconstruction. As mentioned above, the reserve borders the territory of our agricultural complex, and our site is also adjacent to the river. Yes, yes, our site is next to the forest and the river. Often, people want to sell their property in Minsk, sell a one-bedroom apartment, a two bedroom apartment and, more often, a three-bedroom apartment and moving into a country house or fulfilling your dream and moving to a farm or simply buying a parcel. We can help you fulfill your dream, our real estate agency and lacquo; 7 floors and raquo; ready to sell your property in the Minsk and Minsk region and organize a counter and nbsp; acquisition of our property in the town of Tishkovshchina and give all legal guarantees of cleaning a transaction for the sale of real estate. In summary: -Participation: 18.3 hectares, in addition, you can add around 20 GA of land. 9.95 ha- arable land 1.83 ha- meadow of land 5.62 ha - under wood-fed vegetation 0.86 ha for development (0.46 ha residential building, 0.42 ha production building) 5 purpose appointments + commercial project completed Agro-state or hotel complex of personal type Production creation Creation of the agro-industrial complex, in accordance with the existing commercial plan Creation of road service (coffee, parking, road complex) Creation of a residential area to attend to the projects created In the territory there are 330m2 rear sawmills, a 144m2 residential building (for reconstruction) + a variety of cheap buildings - The territory is adjacent to the protected area & nbsp ; - Near the M6 track - 35 km from MKAD to Grodno & nbsp ; See similar offers


Valozhyn District, Belarus, Tishkovschina
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