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Planning to move? We are ready to help you! Nowadays, it is very difficult to find really good property that will meet all the stated requirements. Often, due to a lack of real estate experience, one can miss out on worthwhile housing options and be content with the optimal options. We organize moves from any part of Belarus to Brest and neighbouring countries. We will provide all appropriate support with the purchase of apartments, houses, villas, and commercial real estate. In our company, customers will see comfortable apartments at affordable prices, cosy homes in the city and countryside, as well as modern office space. Working with our agency, you will not have to worry about property choice. Our experienced professionals will quickly select the best option. Just contact the "ALTERNATIVE Brest" real estate agency, and soon your dreams will come true. Find more information on our website We serve your comfort!

The real estate agency "7 Floors" specializes in sale and purchase of primary and secondary housing markets, commercial and suburban real estate, as well as provides property valuation and analytics. A highly qualified agency staff supports real estate transactions at all stages. Since its foundation, the real estate agency “7 Floors” has shown its fast-growing development. Transparency of customer relations, including an individual approach and fair pricing are the basis of customer and partner trust. Active cooperation with large banks and construction companies enables us to consider and promote our customers’ interests, to choose the best solutions and to provide legal protection and transaction support. Continuous work to expand the range of services, expertise and the newest technologies application make the company an open, successful and confident player in the real estate market. Prompt tasks solving of any level of complexity is possible due to close interaction of all employees of the agency. In 2018, “7 Floor” real estate agency became the winner of the Real Estate Professional Excellence Competition “Vysynya Pospekhu” (Pinnacle of success)

Floors real estate agency in Minsk For real estate transactions, please, contact Floors. We provide comprehensive realtor, brokerage, and legal support. We guarantee financial security. Call us and we will offer you several suitable objects and convenient showtime. We provide the following services. We are not only a real estate agency, but we also register various types of transactions: purchase, sale, lease, exchange of residential or non-residential premises. We will properly design an advertisement, upload it on our website, distribute to popular platforms, and prepare documents for the transaction. We will find suitable options for buyers and tenants, show them the objects, and seal the deal. Our agency can arrange an exchange, an interregional transaction, and a complex chain of transactions. The website of Floors real estate agency in Minsk offers a wide choice of objects presented in the catalogue. Use convenient filters, compare and save ads to find a suitable option quickly. Our property database provides a detailed description of real estate: layout, photos, detailed description and owner's comments. No need to message a seller to find out answers to popular questions. Why you should contact us. We provide guarantees. Floors is a reliable real estate agency in Minsk. The company has been working and following a safe for customers business paradigm since 2000. We issue a guarantee certificate to our customers. In case there is a problem, we will compensate for an entire transaction amount from our funds. We find a new rental apartment free of charge if there are disagreements with the owner of a previous one. We sell new-builts at developer price. We help you choose an apartment, take you to see it, issue a transaction contract. We do all mortgage paperwork for free. We do all this at developer prices, without extra cost. We reduce the objects' price. We use available to you government subsidies, for example, maternity capital, housing allowances. We issue a cost-efficient mortgage. It is more profitable to apply for a mortgage loan through us than directly in a bank due to a partner rate reduction. Use the calculator to see the savings amount. For those, who purchase real estate through our company, we issue an application for free. We increase the chance of mortgage approval by 25%. Most of Minsk banks are our partners. We know what is important for each bank, and we help you fill out the application correctly. Contact us in a preferred way. For example, call or leave your phone number, and we will call you back within 5 minutes to help you.

Центр Недвижимости Моя 7я - ваш незаменимый помощник в огромном мире недвижимости! Наше агентство оперативно работает как с объектами вторичного рынка (вас ждет высококвалифицированный отдел вторичного жилья!), Так и с новостройками (имея доступ к 100% объему всех предложений, наши менеджеры оперативно подберут нужный вариант. лучший вариант для вас).

Оказываем комплексную квалифицированную помощь в сделках по купле-продаже недвижимости. Наша команда молодых профессионалов с горящими глазами и ценным опытом будет рада решить ваши жилищные проблемы любой сложности - будь то выгодная продажа квартиры или быстрый поиск подходящего варианта среди новостроек Минска.

Наши навыки продаж, знание рынка недвижимости, юридическая грамотность и накопленная база объектов позволят вам получить самый высокий сервис: юридические консультации, широкий выбор квартир от надежных застройщиков в Минске и пригороде, быстрая и выгодная продажа. практически любого объекта на вторичном рынке, ищите подходящее жилье в нашей базе и потом еще.

Наши специалисты гибки и всегда будут с вами на связи - вы можете получить информацию, когда захотите, любыми способами. Центр недвижимости Моя 7я всегда готов предложить вам свои навыки, знания и опыт - и вы легко можете доверить нам свою недвижимость!

Marielt is a consantly developing real estate agency on the Minsk and Minsk region market. We provide a full range of real estate services, which allows us to successfully solve almost all types of problems associated with the real estate market.

AN Marielt has been rapidly developing and has financial stability since its foundation. We are trusted, because we stick to transparency in relations with our clients, pricing flexibility in the field of real estate services, as well as a personal approachto each client.

Customer orientation, adequacy of remuneration and fast task solving are the basic principles of our company. Only certified specialists with legal education work with Marielt. Transactions are carried out on average 35% faster than in other Minsk agencies. We have free of charge support system throughout every transaction. Each proposal is evaluated by experts, before entering the market.

The «Success Guarantor» Real Estate Agency was founded on July 25, 2006. The «Success Guarantor» Real Estate Agency operates in all market segments. Among them are primary and secondary urban real estate, commercial properties, and luxury housing market. The «Success Guarantor» Real Estate Agency has earned the trust of its clients, thanks to the highly professional, meticulous preparation of each transaction and efficient work. More than half of our clients cooperate with us upon the recommendations of their relatives, friends, and acquaintances. We will never take up a deal if we even slightly doubt of its legitimacy or compliance, no matter how much time and money we have invested in it. Reputation and honor of the company are more important than any money. The «Success Guarantor» guarantees your success!

Magazin Nedvizhimosti (The Real Estate Shop) is a real estate agency in Grodno and the Grodno region. We accompany our clients through the whole process: from the very thought about buying and selling real estate to a legal and successful transaction. We specialize in the sale, purchase, and exchange of apartments, houses, and commercial real estate. We also provide legal support for transactions, help with appraisal and analytics questions, as well as profitable investments, transfers of apartments to non-residential funds, and other services.
It is easy and profitable to work with The Real Estate Shop: our specialists analyze data from the database of the National Cadastral Agency on a monthly basis and therefore possess up-to-date information on finalized real estate transactions and the actual prices on the Grodno real estate market.

The mission of the company «Partner for all»: The company’s commitment to the highest quality and complete solution of the complex of services in the real estate sector, which leads to the development of the company itself and an increase in the number of partners who are confident in our reliability. «Highlight» of the company: Our company operates in all areas and provides a full range of services in the real estate sector.

Expert is a professional real estate agency that provides real estate services in sale transactions, purchasing and exchanging of housing in Minsk and the nearest suburbs. If you want to sell, buy or exchange your apartment, cottage or house — call us!

The staff of the Expert Real Estate Agency has many years of professional experience in managing the most complex real estate transactions. We guarantee the legality of each transaction conducted with our help and insure our liability under a contract for the provision of real estate services in the amount of 245,000 denominated rubles.

Our real estate agency builds its relationships with clients on the principles of mutual respect and trust.

Brest real estate agency REALITY. We adhere to the “Home Agency” principle, aiming to do our best to satisfy our clients, sellers, and buyers of properties in Brest and the Brest region. We recognize the value of each customer. Our company does not support the principles of real estate agencies that solely care about maximizing profits using NLP, aggressive advertising and other latest sales science advances because for people, real estate is much more than just a product. Our goal is to sincerely help people solve their housing problems. We guarantee an individual approach to each client. Bresta REALITY real estate agency specializes in prompt and qualified real estate services. We are ready to help in any situation, competently organize an agreement of terms and conditions of a transaction, signing and registration of a transaction contract, so that you can profitably and easily purchase or sell real estate: apartments, houses, lands, commercial objects in Brest and the Brest region.
Orshansky Real Estate Center Additional Liability Company was established in 2007, obtained a certificate of state registration and a license issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus to provide real estate services. Orshansky Real Estate Center provides a full range of real estate services. Such services as purchase and sale of housing facilities (apartments, cottages, houses) and non-residential buildings (offices, warehouses and industrial premises) are most in demand. Orshansky Real Estate Center is a leading real estate agency in Orsha and the region. We provide a full range of services for real estate transactions starting from the selection of options for the future transaction. Cooperation with us will PROTECT you from possible illegal actions by scammers and dealers. By making a transaction through our agency, your purchase is automatically insured by a state insurance company. Our experienced professional staff will make all possible verifications of documents and the property so that you can sleep peacefully. At the office of the company at Lenina St, 59 office 2, during working hours you may get a FREE consultations . Orshansky Real Estate Center ALC - a GUARANTEE of your safety when buying and selling real estate.

This is what you need to know about us: The Chas-Pik (Rush-Hour) real estate agency is, first of all, made out of people who respect and love their work. Of course, it is important that the team began to form in 1995 and the Chas-Pik brand itself is over 20 years old. We have gone through a lot over the years, gained invaluable experience and knowledge. But our most important distinguishing feature from other fellow competitors is a humane attitude towards our customers and, of course, our level of professionalism. According to my long-term observations, service consumers can sometimes forgive an agent for a cold attitude towards themselves personally. But no one will be satisfied with indifference to a matter that always requires creative solutions. I once asked one of the oldest employees of our agency about the secret to his success, and he answered: “I always think about the problems of the client, what I can do that he cannot do himself. And then the money will come." Today, this principle is the basis for our work with each client. By the way, it is beneficial to sincerely care about the interests of the client. The Chas-Pik agency's revenue is 70 percent based on secondary referrals and recommendations. Of course, it is not modest of us to praise ourselves, but I am convinced that if the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus had not canceled the competition for the best agency, our team, as before, would have won this prestigious award.

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