Magazin nedvizhimosti

Belarus, 230023, г. Гродно, Беларусь, ул. Тимирязева, д. 10/1, офис 4
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Company Type
Real estate agency
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Magazin Nedvizhimosti (The Real Estate Shop) is a real estate agency in Grodno and the Grodno region. We accompany our clients through the whole process: from the very thought about buying and selling real estate to a legal and successful transaction. We specialize in the sale, purchase, and exchange of apartments, houses, and commercial real estate. We also provide legal support for transactions, help with appraisal and analytics questions, as well as profitable investments, transfers of apartments to non-residential funds, and other services.
It is easy and profitable to work with The Real Estate Shop: our specialists analyze data from the database of the National Cadastral Agency on a monthly basis and therefore possess up-to-date information on finalized real estate transactions and the actual prices on the Grodno real estate market.


With us, cost estimations, consultations, advertising in the media and social networks, professional photo and video filming, and 3D tours are free. The client pays only for the results, when sale and purchase transactions are finalized, and will not even have to delve into the nuances of real estate. Among them are the negotiation of the terms of the transaction, the execution of the deposit agreement, the collection and preparation of the documents needed for the transaction, the accelerated opening of accounts and the transfer of money among them, the study of the history of a particular property, the verification of the owner for arrears in payments, etc.

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2013 – became the year of foundation for Real Estate Agency CENTRALNOYE LLC. Buying or selling real estate is an important event in our life. Selecting the right property that will fit all the important parameters, or finding a reliable buyer, given the increase in number of offers in the real estate market, can be a difficult task. Each seller looks to sell his property at the maximum price. On the other hand, there are buyers for whom the lowest possible cost has a weight. An important factor is a “clean title to the real estate” in the transaction. Solution - is to address a credible real estate agency, which will undertake all the required steps. Real estate agency CENTRALNOYE will become a reliable assistant in solving your housing issue. We have extensive listings of properties for sale or purchase, in which you, for sure, will find a suitable option. Qualified experts of our agency are at your service. The Company’s professional staff will accompany you at all stages, guaranteeing you peace of mind during the transaction.

Old Style real estate agency was founded in 1999. Many years of successful experience in the real estate market, consistently high quality and reliability of our services. Employee's professionalism and ability to solve the most difficult issues of our clients. We constantly introduce new technologies in our work that allow us to speed up data processing and improve the quality and efficiency of realtors' and agents' work. We value our company's impeccable reputation and credibility, and therefore, we pay close attention to compliance with the standards of high quality of services and transaction security. Our team of experienced professionals who know everything in their field and enjoy their work is the main capital and pride of the company. We are a competent, success-driven agency.

The real estate agency Molnar was founded with a single goal - to make all available real estate transactions professionally, efficiently and maximally transparent for the client. Real estate of Belarus is the main area of ​​our activities, but the field of our interests is much wider. We are open to change and in the near future we plan to further expand the range of provided services. Every opportunity is important to the real estate agency Molnar – to have a name of a serious and reliable assistant in solving housing matters of all our Clients.

We work in all directions and provide a full range of real estate services.