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Belarus, 220040, город Минск, улица Максима Богдановича 124, помещение 4H, комната 2
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Company Type
Real estate agency
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This is what you need to know about us: The Chas-Pik (Rush-Hour) real estate agency is, first of all, made out of people who respect and love their work. Of course, it is important that the team began to form in 1995 and the Chas-Pik brand itself is over 20 years old. We have gone through a lot over the years, gained invaluable experience and knowledge. But our most important distinguishing feature from other fellow competitors is a humane attitude towards our customers and, of course, our level of professionalism. According to my long-term observations, service consumers can sometimes forgive an agent for a cold attitude towards themselves personally. But no one will be satisfied with indifference to a matter that always requires creative solutions. I once asked one of the oldest employees of our agency about the secret to his success, and he answered: “I always think about the problems of the client, what I can do that he cannot do himself. And then the money will come." Today, this principle is the basis for our work with each client. By the way, it is beneficial to sincerely care about the interests of the client. The Chas-Pik agency's revenue is 70 percent based on secondary referrals and recommendations. Of course, it is not modest of us to praise ourselves, but I am convinced that if the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus had not canceled the competition for the best agency, our team, as before, would have won this prestigious award.

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