House 30 m² in Sinialo, Belarus

Sinialo, Belarus, Minsk District, Sinilo Centralnaya ul 52
€ 27,605
Updated at: 31.03.2023


Country: Belarus
State: Minsk Region
City: Minsk District
Village: Sinialo
Address: Sinilo Centralnaya ul 52

Building parameters

Total area: 30 m²
Living area: 22 m²
Land area: 2 400 m²


I will For Sale to the house and of of Sinilo and the Minsk district and of Pukhovichskoye e.g. and of 8.7 km from MKAD

of wall - tree and roof - roofing material and house area 6×5 m and the interior area of the building 30.2/22.4/7.8 м² and the plottage of 24 hundred parts and forest is near and the reservoir/river nearby and the beautifull place and hoz. constructions.

The house in the beautifull place near sports complex' Flock' is Fored Sale. The river Svisloch is near. Water cold is carried out to the house and there is boiler. Gas down the street. Cottage building is near.

and . Expert


Sinialo, Belarus, Minsk District, Sinilo Centralnaya ul 52
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