Cyprus Education System, Schools and Universities in Cyprus

Education in Cyprus

18.02.2019 14:24

Education in Cyprus is regulated by the Ministry of Education and Culture and is divided into three categories: primary, secondary and higher education.

Majority of schools are taught in both Greek and English. Education in Cyprus for International students requires an equivalent diploma / certificate for admission.

Primary Education

Primary schools in Cyprus follow a National Curriculum regulated by the Ministry of Education and Culture [the Primary Education Department] for both private and public primary schools. Attendance is mandatory for children aged 5 years and 8 months.

Middle Education

In the Cyprus Education system, Middle Education is referred to as Lower Secondary School and is part of the Secondary General Education system. Students aged 12 - 15 attend the Lower Secondary School known as the Gymnasium level. Upon completion students receive a certificate and graduate to the “Upper Secondary School”.

Schools in Cyprus are mandatory until age 15.

Secondary Education

Secondary Education is referred to as Upper Secondary School in Cyprus and is part of the Secondary General Education system. It begins after graduation from the Gymnasium level, and is available to students ages 15 - 18 years of age. Students may decide between two, three-year programs:

  1. High School Program
  2. Lyceum Program [localized program]

Vocational Education

Vocational Education is regulated by Secondary Technical and Vocational Education system (STVE) in Cyprus. Students may choose to attend a technical school upon graduating from the Upper Secondary School in Cyprus.

Students graduating from a Technical College are awarded the Europass Certificate Supplement, a document recognized in the European Union, allowing for more employment opportunities.

Tertiary Education

Tertiary Education or Higher Education in Cyprus is coordinated by the European Higher Education Area and follows the Bologna Process. Programs are offered for both local and international students. Undergraduate/ Graduate / Masters diplomas are recognized throughout the EU.

Some public universities in Cyprus also offer programs in Arabic, Turkish and Chinese.

Public and Private education

The Cyprus Education system strives to minimize educational gaps between public and private schools, both are regulated by the Ministry of Education and Culture to maintain a standard. The main difference being that private schools may regulate their own curriculum [according to Cyprus standards] and offer additional programs. An annual tuition fee is charged accordingly.

The American University in Cyprus, for instance, additionally offers the International Baccalaureate program in their curriculum.

Greek, British and Russian Schools and Universities

International universities / schools in cyprus are licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Here are the top Greek, British and Russian schools / universities based on curriculum and accreditation.

British Schools British Universities
Pascal Private English School [accredited by: International Baccalaureate World Schools] UCLAN - University of Central Lancashire [accredited by: British Computing Society]
The Heritage Private School & Institute [accredited by: British Council International School] -
Silverline Private School [accredited by: UK examination bodies of Edexcel and Cambridge] -


Russian Schools Russian Universities
Russian Embassy School [accredited by: The Russian Ministry of Education] Currently no accredited Russian universities in Cyprus.

For more information on Russian schools in Cyprus, visit the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Nicosia.

Greek Institutions

There are currently no Greek-origin universities / schools in Cyprus accredited by an international institution. However the education system in Cyprus originally in Greek and focuses on enhancing the Greek language for all levels.

The Pascal Education in Cyprus, for instance, is accredited by the International Baccalaureate World Schools and offers a Greek School in their program.

Education System for Foreigners

Education in Cyprus for international students is relative to the school / university procedures / required documents. Generally the process includes:

  • An equivalent certificate/diploma [completion of the last grade level]
  • National entrance exam

For students outside the EU:

  • Clearance from a local Cyprus Embassy [Cyprus Diplomatic Mission]
  • Application for Student visa

Famous Universities and Schools in Cyprus by district:


  • Schools: The English School of Nicosia, AISC - American International School in Cyprus, The American Academy Nicosia,  Pascal School Nicosia.
  • Universities: University of Nicosia,  University of Cyprus,  University of Nicosia Medical School


  • Schools: The Heritage Private School, Foley’s Grammar School
  • Universities: Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus College of Art


  • Schools: International School of Paphos, Archbishop Makarios III Lyceum
  • Universities: Neopolis University of Pafos


  • Schools: American Academy of Larnaca, Pascal School Larnaca, Agios Lazaros Primary School
  • Universities: University of Central Lancashire

Northern Cyprus schools / universities are not recognized in the Republic of Cyprus. Northern Cypriot Schools / universities are accredited by the higher education board in Turkey and are recognized by most universities around the world.

[Northern] Nicosia [Lefke]

  • Schools: Near East College, TED College
  • Universities: CIS - International University in Cyprus, METU - Middle East Technical University in Cyprus European University of Lefke


  • Schools: The English School of Kyrenia, Nescat British College
  • Universities: University of Kyrenia, Girne American University, British University of Nicosia


  • Schools: Mousiko Sxoleio Ammochostou [music school]
  • Universities EMU: - Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus
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