Your own small bar to spend your evenings pouring cocktails for your guests, just like in the movies? Why not? Exactly this type of business is for sale in Prague, and anyone can experience being a bar or even a restaurant owner.

Prague, Czech Republic
€ 157,170
180 m²

There is a very unusual property for sale in Prague, the Lounge Bar. Judging by the interior, it is a rather brutal place where probably most of the menu consists of very strong drinks and hookahs. The bar is divided into several lounge areas: there are cosy little rooms for 8-10 people, a large common area with leather armchairs, sofas, and even a small corner for gamers. On the first floor you will find a small balcony with sack chairs for those who are tired of the noise and want some privacy. You will definitely enjoy exploring the interior and finding interesting details in every nook and cranny. 

The seller claims that the bar is just a 5-minute walk from Wenceslas Square. The total area is 180 square meters including staff room, kitchen, utility room and toilets as well as the guest lounge area. It is said in the ad that the premises are approved for a hot kitchen, that is why it’s allowed to use them as a restaurant.


The ad specifies the monthly payment amounts that the future owner should take into consideration. So, the monthly rent is €1616 (the contract is being issued for 8 years with the possibility of further extension). The utilities will cost around €410 a month (and that includes electricity). According to the ad, a severance payment is €125,288, which is the exact price that the present owner wants to sell his business for. We must make it very clear that this is not the sale of a property, but the sale of a business.

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