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Frequently asked Questions - Ukraine
What are the grounds for legalization in Ukraine?
  • Marriage with a citizen of Ukraine; 
  • Family reunification; 
  • Territorial origin; 
  • Guardianship over citizens of Ukraine; 
  • Education; 
  • Employment; 
  • Entrepreneurship; 
  • Other grounds. 

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What list of documents is required to obtain a residence permit?
  • A copy of an ID;
  • Family information;
  • Proof of current residence;
  • A copy of a marriage certificate;
  • A certificate of no criminal record;
  • A medical certificate of no alcohol and drug addiction.

The remaining requirements depend on the grounds on which the foreigner plans to obtain a residence permit.

How long is the process of obtaining residence permit?

The pendency of an application period usually does not exceed 15 business days. During this time, migration service employees check all submitted documents, find information about the applicant in the database, and then make a decision on issuing a residence permit.

What are the grounds for obtaining citizenship?

The law defines the following grounds for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship: 

  • birth;
  • territorial origin; 
  • naturalization; 
  • restoration of citizenship; 
  • adoption; 
  • other grounds regulated by law. 
Are there any restrictions on buying or renting housing in Ukraine?

No. The general law of Ukraine does not impose any restrictions on the purchase of the residential and commercial real estate by foreigners.

What are the terms and costs of obtaining citizenship? What documents do foreign citizens need to purchase real estate in the country?
  • Passport; 
  • Translation of the foreign passport which you be notarized in Ukraine; 
  • Identification code; 
  • Letter of spouse’s consent. 

The list of other documents depends on the type of real estate, the form of ownership, the purpose of the object, and so on. 

What additional expenses can be faced by a buyer of real estate in Ukraine?

The buyer will need to pay:

  • realtor’s remuneration (1-6% of the property value);
  • notary services (% of the property value + additional payment for the certification of the contract and the formation of extracts from various registers);
  • taxes and fees.
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