Cottage 380 m² in Heves, All countries

Heves, Belapatfalvai jaras, Monosbel, oserdoben
€ 114,143
Updated at: 07.09.2022


Region: Great Plain and North
City: Heves
Address: Őserdőben

Building parametres

The year of construction: 1817
Number of floors: 2
Total area: 380 m²


On Mónosbél É-i szélén, a hilltop standing, L ground-plan, single-story, kontyolt gable-roofed building. Mezzanine É-i his facade middle step-out, with a terrace leaning on an arched arcade. His K and his D before a part of a court facade pillared porch, on both sides with a tympanum portico. Wall pictures: in the hall behind the middle step-out decorator painting and ceiling pieces, 20. century. His target price: 50Mft


Heves, Belapatfalvai jaras, Monosbel, oserdoben
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