Tvoy Maentak LLC shares its opinion about real estate market changes

Tvoy Maentak LLC shares its opinion about real estate market changes

13.07.2020 16:34

Tvoy Maentak LLC provides a wide range of services which include different types of real estate transactions including the purchase and sale of properties, as well as apartment and office renting. The company has earned the trust of its customers because it always assists in the selection of properties, provides free consultations, accompanies customers at all stages of the transaction and creates exclusive contracts for the sale of real estate with each client.

Tvoy Maentak agency was founded in November 2016 and it has already become a second home for a team of professionally certified realtors and experienced real estate agents. A carefully selected team of specialists has more than 30 employees that each have at least three years of experience in real estate.

Tvoy Maentak Real Estate Agency

Managers at the agency have even more impressive work experience, for example, company director Rusak Oksana holds a law degree. She has been working in the real estate industry for more than 14 years and has been very successful.

Since the company’s offices are located in Minsk and Barysaw, the majority of its customers are Minsk region residents, however during the past few years the number of clients coming from other regions has been increasing.

Agency staff are not overly concerned about the real estate market changes that were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a possibility that there will be some changes in currency exchange rate, customers purchasing power or lending terms. Nevertheless, based on their experience, company representatives believe that people will always have a need for housing which can be solved only by qualified real estate professionals. The agency has already faced crises and price collapses, but it has managed to recover every time, and it predicts a similar outcome for the COVID-19 crisis.

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