Took Part in PropTechRiga2018 International Startup Forum

25.10.2018 15:10

In Riga was taken place an international conference, devoted to technology in the real estate industry – PropTech Riga which included a challenge – a competition amongst real estate field related start-ups. There participants were 12 teams from Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Estonia. The Republic of Belarus was presented by international real estate platform the

Conference PropTech Riga was held in Riga for the first time and spark interest among the participants.

The conference discussed issues of construction, sales, maintenance, management and financing of real estate, as well as the interaction of these areas with modern technologies.

The event has attracted over than 300 participants from different countries: Lithuania, Latvia, England, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Finland and America. During the conference, 12 teams presented their start-ups devoted to IT technology in the real estate industry and property management process.

The conference is organized by the Latvian Real Estate Association LANĪDA with a support of the General Sponsor -

At a prestigious international conference was the place to present a product of the Belarusian company the international real estate platform REALTING.COM was created by, the major real estate Internet platform in Belarus. Platform should to help increase number of real estate cross-border transactions.

Start-up was represent by Business development manager Anastasiya Paitra:

Anastasiya Paitra

REALTING is international real estate platform that provides comfortable and safe contact between agencies, sellers and buyers from different countries. Our clients and partners make sure cross-border property transactions go smoothly.
The pilot version of the project was launched in the spring of 2018, in September we started filling in the website. There are more than 3,500 properties on and about the same amount of ads is in the process of export. Brokers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Cyprus and Belarus are among our partners. We are currently negotiating cooperation with Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Participation in the international conference has not only shown genuine interest to the platform from foreign colleagues, but has also revealed the key problems of the real estate market.

— At present Latvia has two platforms with a similar toolbox. But the prices for property listing on these resources are very high. That for a usual board sometimes reaches 7 euros per list, and one of the most important points that platforms are not exclusively for brokers. Side by side with property listing you can find advertising of selling bicycles, furniture, etc. Property listing on is free of charge. Payment is only for successful transaction which are some % of the agency or affiliate Commission.

— We talked to brokers from Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine, and everyone has noted that they would like to have a similar resource in their country. The Ukrainian colleagues complained they didn’t have a platform for secure cross-country transactions when Ukrainians actively immigrate to Europe. A lot of conference participants noted relevance of the issue and necessity of a specialized resource with loyal conditions and verified partners to solve overseas questions, — explained Anastasiya Paitra.

REALTING.COM is less than a year old but the project has dramatically grown. The success of project thanks by parent’s company and the well-coordinated teamwork of only the best industry professionals who believe in its goals. Over the last 13 years our team have created some of the best IT products and services for the Belarusian real estate market.

— solves main problems of overseas service market such as verified partnerships and help to remove language barrier. Very often people are afraid to buy property abroad because of fraud. We work only with verified brokers, developers and property experts. Now the platform works in two languages — Russian and English, but as soon as it possible will add 20 languages including German, French, Spanish, Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian. Participation in the international conference shown to us that we can offer the market a new and popular product which will move the process of overseas property purchase into an absolutely new level.