Thailand has decided to revise its golden visa scheme. How exactly—we will tell you below.

One of the changes was the renaming of the Thai Elite program to Thai Privilege. This move is timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the scheme.

Another key change is the increase in the prices of the various packages under the program. Previously available to all, the one million baht (US$28,587) Thai Elite visa has given way to the exclusive Reserve Card, available by invitation only and limited to just 100 new members per year. The Reserve Card is valued at five million baht. Holders of this card have the option to renew it for five years, paying only 10% of its current value.

The popular five-year visa package has been renamed the Gold Card, and its cost has increased from 600,000 to 900,000 baht. There are also additional options such as the Diamond Card (15 years for 2.5 million baht) and the Platinum Card (10 years for 1.5 million baht).

The highlight of the revamped program is the introduction of a new loyalty scheme and privilege points that depend on the level of participation. In addition to the already-known privileges, such as fast-track airport services, the new scheme significantly expands the “pluses” for members.

Note that the Thai Elite program has already contributed more than 50 billion baht to the Thai economy. In 2023 alone, the program has already attracted more than 11,500 new members.

Important. You can apply for the current Thai Elite program until September 15, and it will be replaced by new packages starting October 1, 2023.