In the Czech Republic, children born to foreigners will receive state insurance 2021

In the Czech Republic, children born to foreigners will receive state insurance 

23.08.2021 10:45
Author: Damir Valiev

In accordance with the amendment to the Law on Foreign Citizens in the Czech Republic. Newborn children of foreigners who have lived in the Czech Republic for an extended period of time will automatically receive an insurance policy. A document for a period of at least two months will be issued to them immediately after birth in a state insurance company.

The new rules also apply to children born in the Czech Republic, whose mothers, at the time of their birth, have a permit for a long stay in the country. The issue of the policy will not be canceled even if the father of the child does not have a permanent place of residence.

Children of foreign citizens will receive state insurance until the end of the month after which they turn 60 days old. Next, their parents will need to purchase a commercial health insurance policy, unless the child is issued another residence permit.

To obtain child insurance, the child’s legal representatives or guardians must register them no later than 8 days from their date of birth. Registration must be done with the health insurance company of the child’s mother, or their father, in the event that the mother is not insured in the Czech Republic. In a situation where neither of the parents has Czech insurance, the child will receive an insurance policy through VZP.

The insurance premiums to the corresponding company must be paid by the child’s legal representatives or guardians. Payment is made once for the entire period: from the first to the last day specified in the policy. Its base price is twice the national minimum wage. This year, the insurance premium is 162 euros.

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