Property for sale in Nicosia, Cyprus

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Nicosia is the unique capital of two peoples and at the same time one of the most ancient cities in Europe. Residents of the Republic of Cyprus live on the one side of Nicosia and residents of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus live on the other. Besides, the city is the headquarters for the UNO peacekeeping forces. Nicosia is literally inhabited by contrasts and sights which are worth seeing at least once.

The capital of Cyprus is probably one of the most attractive Mediterranean capitals if to talk about property buying. Here one can buy apartments both in the primary market (directly from the developer) and in the secondary from resident sellers.

If you buy a flat or a house for year-round stay, it’s better to look for property at the prime or second beachfront. The weather in the city is practically always nice, and it means you won’t have to adjust to certain seasons. Moreover, you are unlikely to have problems with reselling your property if necessary as Nicosia is one of the most beneficial options on the Cyprus property market. It is the city with excellent infrastructure; Modern shopping centers, shops, restaurants and leisure centers are in abundance here. A lot of educational, research institutions and universities proud of their multinational students are situated in Nicosia.

It is a wonderful place where anyone could find “a meal” to their taste or liking; terrific landscape for travelers, centuries-old sights for historians, various dishes for gourmets and up-to-date SPAs and Byzantine baths for hedonists.